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Friday, December 4, 2009

Imposed "Basque Government" pays 750 euros for flag!

It is well known that only goal of these imposters, imposed at gunpoint at undemocratic elections (Honduras: we do understand you), is to plant Spanish banners wherever they can. But the least they could do to demonstrate their Basqueness is to pay a reasonable price, even if it's an invasor's flag what they buy.

No way. They have paid them (with our taxpayer's money) at 754 euros a piece! So you can compare, an unskilled worker may earn 1000 euros monthly and the poverty subsidy is slightly more than 600 euros.

Similar interior banners can be purchased on the Internet at less than 10% what they paid. The usual Spanish flag is about 45 euros the unit, slightly more for other types.

The usurper "Basque Government" has spent 59,000 euros (our euros!) in flags and flagpoles in total. And this in a time of crisis, when the budget almost doesn't cover all needs.

I wonder who is the smart fascist who made such good money at our expense.

Source: Gara.

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