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Thursday, December 10, 2009

More walls against Palestine

The Autocracy of Egypt, in collaboration with the USA, who have designed (and probably financed) it, is building a new "impenetrable" wall along the border with Gaza. The new ghetto wall, whose construction was so secret that nobody knew until now, is said to be made up of such a "super-strong" steel that it's not just bomb-proof, but can't be melted or cut either (though I presume this is an exaggeration and they are talking of regular
manganese steel, which is used to build armored vehicles - nothing is totally indestructible).

The new Egyptian wall of shame is meant to be finished in just 18 months and will add insult to injury among Arabs while not really being able to impede the drilling of tunnels so much necessary for the battered Gazan economy.

Source: BBC.

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