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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

From "most wanted" to freedom without bail.

The Kafkian reality we Basques live in had another twist yesterday: a young couple that figured for some weeks as most wanted ETA "terrorists" has been released without bail after a much publicited arrest.

The couple, Agurne Salterain and Oroitz Aldekoa-Otalora, are apparently accused of helping somehow a real ETA militant, Gorka Lupiañez. They had tried to hand themselves to the tribunal and were awaiting to be called by it. This "detail" was ignored by the mainstream media.

Instead the headlines described them as important "terrorists" who were part of some unclear ETA commando.

The couple has admitted to have hosted Lupiañez, a school friend of Oroitz Aldekoa, for some days, but claim that they were unaware of him being a militant.

Ref: Gara newspaper.

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