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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Keep an eye in Egypt.

The food crisis is apparently striking Egypt heavily. While the government has traditionally made sure people could buy bread at state controlled prices, being the staple food for many of its 80 million inhabitants, now soaring prices are causing corruption in the distribution chain, leaving many out of it.

Al Jazeera: Warning over world food shortages (in spite of the title half of the article deals with the Egyptian situation actually).

A couple of quotes:

"People are fighting. Killing for bread, some are even pulling out knives. What is happening? What is this? Famine?"

"I've been standing here from 7am. Its now 2pm and I can't get hold of even one loaf of bread. I have five children. What am I supposed to do? You now need to bribe someone to get bread, if you do not want to get trampled on."

Food and housing are the basics for people's lifes, amybe along with healthcare. When they get nothing of such basics, no matter how hard they struggle for them, then revolution is at the gates.


Astrolog Tanja said...

Price of wheat and food crisis - Saturn in Virgo, and Egypt is Pisces. Virgo/Pisces opposition.

Why are wheat prices rising?

Maju said...

Very informative link, thanks Tanja.

And you are also surely right about Saturn in Virgo opp. Neptune, at the nodal axis.

I would also like to emphasize the recent entrance of Pluto (preceded by Jupiter) in the restrictive sign of Capricorn. It's the first time since the late 18th century, when it presided over the British ascension to global hegemony and the birth of the USA, amidst increasing structural tensions that eventually led (with Pluto in Aquarius) to the French revolution and the beginning of our age.

Structures are being and will be shattered under this transit. What seems solid will not be merely dissolved (that was Neptune's work and happened sometime ago - coincident with the dissolution of the Soviet bloc) but radically transformed, maybe totally destroyed, as only Pluto can.

Pluto can kill or can heal but only through radical catharsis that is not so different from death. No paliatives anymore: it's time for the status quo to be fundamentally subverted.

The strongest effects will only be seen since 2010 anyhow, when Uranus enters Aries (last time: rise of nazism - beware!)

Astrolog Tanja said...

Lol, I totally ignored this Pluto in Capricorn, it's invisible for me personally, in my life...yet.

Oh yes (Neo - Uranus, Nazis - Aries) 2010 grand T square, Uranus opposition Saturn and all square Pluto in Capricorn. I haven't meditated or played with symbolism of this configuration yet. We still have time...;-)

Maju said...

I didn't mean that symbolism. Uranus is dialectics and Aries action, initiative, war, instinct...

Last time was in the 30s with the rise of Nazism, the Spanish Civil War and Japanese invasion of China. WWII actually happened under Uranus in Taurus - not sure why, maybe because Taurus rules the foundations of life, stability... and also Europe. Hitler was a Taurean as well, and so was Stalin - and these two were the two main actors.

WWII also begun with Pluto entering Leo (absolute ambition), where it ruled over most of the Cold War as well.

Anyhow, Uranus was in Aries also in the 1844-51 period, presiding over the burgueoise revolutions of 1948. And before in 1761-68, presiding over the end of the Seven Years' War and the prelude of US independence (in that occasion it was coincident with Pluto in Capricorn - since 1862).

Historical astrology is most interesting. For instance we can trace what happened with Pluto in Capricorn since written history begun:
-5th century BCE: Peloponesian War (Athens loses hegemony)
-2nd century BCE: 2nd Punic War (Carthage loses Spain)
-1st century CE Christian sect estabilished in Roman Empire, Buddhists in China
-281-306: Found nothing (except Armenia became the first Christian state)
-533-51: Byzantine apogee: conquest of Africa and Italy. Specially cold climate (maybe because a volcano).
-778-96: Charlemagne defeated at Roncevaux Pass. Vikings and Avars begin their raids.
-1024-41: Knut's empire is divided.
-1270-87: Mongols conquer China. Two crusades fail. Droughts end the Anasazi culture. Floods create the Zuider Zee in Netherlands. Sicily to Aragon, Toulouse to France, Nubia and Anatolia to Egypt, Austria to Habsburgs, Belgrade and Syrmia to Serbia.
- 1516-32: Conquest of Aztec and Inca empires. Reformation. Charles V. Circunnavigation of Earth. First Ottoman Caliph. Sack of Rome. Belgrade and Hungary to Ottomans. Foundation of Mughal Empire.
- 1762-78: Canada to England. US independence.
- 2008-24: ???

You can do the same for other long transits such as those of Uranus and Neptune (or Eris too).

Maju said...

PS- Actually I just found something most important for the 281-306 transit of Pluto through Capricorn and its meaning of deep structural transformation: Diocletian divided the Roman Empire in two.

Astrolog Tanja said...

Thanks Maju for the important historical points.

Just to add on WWII:

WWII - Uranus in Taurus in conjunction with the fixed star Algol on April, 1941, and Saturn in Taurus also with Algol on July 1941.

Algol - Arabic ra's al-ghūl: head (ra's) of the ogre (al-ghūl), "The Head of the Demon".

In Hebrew - Rōsh ha Sāṭān "Satan's Head".

Maju said...

Yah. Algol has really bad reputation. I don't know what to think of fixed stars anyhow, sincerely: they are so far away...

It's one of the 15 Behenian stars though.

Astrolog Tanja said...

Yes, and we are so far, and never saw each other, but there is some mutual influence...

Stars communicate also! ;-))

Jhangora said...

Hey if I keep an eye in Egypt I'll have just one eye as I live in India.I hope u r not serious when u advise people to keep an eye in Egypt.