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Friday, March 14, 2008

Polluting news flushed down.

It was headlines yesterday. Not main news maybe (that was for the US presidential race or some other trivia) but it was visible with picture in first e-page. Today it has vanished to the Africa section (no image no specially visible spot) and tomorrow will probably be just part of the archives.

Because it seems that a killing industrial dump in Mombasa is not important: if African people get sick from some mysterious acid dump, almost certainly arrived from some developed country, nobody cares - at least nobody who makes the decissions in the mainstream media. Can you imagine the dimension of this news would have happened in Manhattan or Rotterdam?

Africa, Black Africa specially, has been assigned a role in the globalized world: to be a provider of raw materials, a market for arms traders and a dumping site for unscrupulous companies. And the less we are aware of this international abuse, the less questions we will ask and the more content we will be with our delusory democracies.

Update: Still hidden in the depths of the mainstream media, I could read something more: the origin of the dump seems to have been at the Mombasa harbour, from where they were moved to Kalahari Village. The origin is an Ugandan mining company, KCCL, that denies all responsability. The container has been there, releasing its orangeish fumes, corroding the metal sheets of the houses, melting plastics, provoking miscarriages and generating ill health to all the community, for about a month. It contains nitric acid, which is quite toxic and corrosive. We can talk of a little Bhopal without doubt.

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