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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When Neptune strikes back

In my hometown there is a monument that represents "Man defeating the Sea"

It's a monument to the engineer who designed the canalization of the Firth of Bilbao. In this detail (too large to link directly) you can see that (so typically) the Sea is Neptune, who, with his trident broken and his crown lying on the ground, resists desperately the "epic" human effort to tame him.

Naturally, as someone from the coast, I realize it's largely a myth: that the Ocean cannot be tamed nor defeated and that eventually it always strikes back, dissolving the engineering efforts of those who believe that technology can rule the World.

Yesterday and the day before Neptune stroke back. Maybe just a warning:

In Britain:

In the Basque Country:

Neptune rules. You can't fence the Sea.


Astrolog Tanja said...

Sun and Uranus in Pisces, happily in sextil with Jupiter ;-)

Maju said...

Had not checked the transits in fact but you are right, indeed.

Plus... there is a large stellium including Neptune (in mutual reception with Uranus), Mercury, Venus and the North Node opposed by Saturn (the engineer).

If that's not enough, Mars (opp. Pluto) just entered the tidal sign of Cancer. These last two oppositions are interconnected in what some call a "mystic rectangle" (no idea of what it means).