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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Medvedev's birth chart

I have been searching for Dmitry Medvedev's natal chart and all I could found was a generalist noon chart. Nobody seems to have the slightest idea on what's the birth time of the new President or Russia. Astrologers, at least those writing in English, seem infinitely more concerned about Obama's ascendant (Scorpio for me) and Moon sign (Gemini, that's very clear in his face) than about anything related to Russia's new formal leader (yes, we all know that Putin is still hanging around - but doesn't make Medvedev's astrology less interesting).

Actually Medvedev's natal chart rises the same kind of incognites as Obama's: which Ascendant and which of two signs the Moon is in. As with Obama, I have (always tentatively) solved the Moon issue first: he reminds me somewhat of my father (Taurus Sun conj. Mercury and Uranus, Virgo Moon conj. Neptune), much more than to any of my Virgoan friends. He doesn't remind me of anyone with Aries Moon that I know anyhow, so I pretty much decided soon that Taurus Moon is the right choice.

But what about Ascendant? First I toyed with something close to Putin's ascendant, even if he doesn't look Scorpian at all - then figured out about Libra, Taurus... but really it doesn't seem to fit with what I know of these signs. Also I growed painfully aware that his face reminds me more and more of my own. Not just that, I just looked at the mirror and really Medvedev came to my mind. I'm more handsome probably and luckily I don't have that Mercurian pointed out nose of him but still... Part of the resemblance could due be to his Virgo stellium sitting on mine (check my chart if you wish) but I'm not really Virgoan-looking anyhow. And one trait seems decissive: his pointed (^ ^) eyebrows that would suggest Martian (or Plutonian) influence. I also have that trait even if more moderately.

So I resolved to check the Aries rising hypothesis. On first sight it doesn't look impressive: not any of the 10th or 11th house placements that one would expect of a president - but it's also true that he is a secondary figure and that his position is all but solid. So I checked the transits for his career events (that's the sort of stuff a professional astrologer would do for what is called chart correction, when the birth time is uncertain or plainly unknown). They resulted pretty well, with meaningful transits (Venus, Jupiter) through his MC/10th house at these times. I'm no professional nor I know his detailed biography, so I really can't go much further.

I fine tuned it a bit more, resulting in a stronger earth great trine involving his midheaven and (surprise!) a Mars-Pluto-based yod to his ascendant. And here is what I got:

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Of course I can't be sure that he has that precise ascendant, nor even Aries rising - but I am quite certain that he has marked Martian influence in it in any case.

I won't go farther comenting this hpothetical birth chart anyhow but I do welcome all sort of comments.

Also notice please I have no affiliation with this guy other than astrological coincidences - and I'm very intrigued to see how he manages that intensely innovative Virgo stellium and the opposition from Saturn. I am also intrigued on why Putin chose him as succesor when they are so different: no doubt he's an able man but that doesn't seem enough.


Astrolog Tanja said...

Did you know Obama and Hillary were born under the same sign? Know what sign? “For Sale”.

Аs Vanga predicted on 1979, Medvedev will win, and he will be “The Lord of the World”.

I must say a little…,

since I found Vanga’s prediction on some Russian site and I post it on my blog. (I had an excellent Vanga’s book on Bulgarian, but…long story)

since we know Saturn will be on his Sun soon, (unfortunately for all Virgos people)

Didn’t I say, I agree with your Asc guessing, and I see in him Taurus Moon for sure.
Aslo his teeth started to separate a little as in Taurus people, Taurus in 1st house. And Putin’s Sun will be in his 10th house (his father), and we know from the newspapers that he will “continue” Putin’s politics. But I doubt he will, lol. He is not Virgo, he is nuclear Scorpio. I also have this Saturn/Pluto/Uran opposition, and I hardly resist not to destroy immediately someone who is unfair. Good thing I have big cool water trine, bad, I’m not a president, lol, kidding.

other possibility is that he is Capricorn Asc, with stelium in 8-9-th house, he studied a law etc, and he practice yoga as I know. I know lot of people with Virgo stelium in 9, they all practice some kind of meditations, Buddhist techniques etc. Uran & Pluto in 9 wants to “change the religion”.

I don’t know his biography also, and I'm not in astro-mood, so that will be all from me for now.

By the way I had deleted invitation…can you explain to me…
Nice blue lobsters ;-))


Maju said...

I think I accidentally read about that Vanga's prediction but checking the dates (September or maybe November 2007) it didn't look so impressive to me: there's been talk bout Medvedev being Putin's successor since his appointment as Deputy PM in Dec. 2005, reinforced as Putin seemed to ignore calls to reform the constitution and suceed himself. By the end of 2007 Medvedev was widely considered official candidate and therefore the certain new president.

What I can say is that, if he actually has the Aries rising birth chart, he won't be any "Lord of the World" most likely. Too low profile of a chart in my opinion - though he does have a very powerful Sun stellium: high willpower.

I can't figure out him having a Capricorn ascendant easily but I am pondering other possibilities like Aquarius or even Gemini. That is partly because of his slightly pointed-out nose, that I mostly associate with these signs - I wrote "Mercurian" but maybe it's an airy trait (though not typically Libran). But it may also be attributed to Mercury and Uranus conj. Sun.

I am not really sure but by the moment I do like the idea of Aries rising. He also looks somewhat lik George Clooney (Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon - similarly Earthy - and with alleged Aries rising). I have looked all around (Astrofaces, Librarising Astrology) for resembling faces but, unlike the Obama case (where Astrofaces was of much use to determine Scorpio rising), I haven't found anyone more alike to this guy than myself. What is kind of disturbing. Clooney is close enough anyhow, and that seems a good hint that I could be on the right track.

I'm glad that you tend to agree as well. That's also a good hint. But he would be better off as politician with that stellium in 10th or 11th house.

As for yoga and excercise in general, I'd say that people with strong placements in Virgo seem to have a tendency to preventive health. A friend of mine with Sun+Pluto+Mercury+Venus 12th house Virgo stellium is also a fan of all types of sport (not yoga though). Myself I have been very interested in yoga at times - but I'm too inconsistent due to Saturn in Aries probably.


As for Jhangora's invite, I considered it unpolite and kind of "spam". The same link is available at the blogs' link section (just under my old pic) and the forum is open to anybody who wants to join or just visit. So you are always invited but no pressure or spam needed. I just warn you that the forum is not precisely at its peak of acivity right now - though it seems to resist to accept defeat in any case.

Anonymous said...

I like the Pisces rising version for Medvedev. He does have blue eyes (but hey many Russians have blue eyes), practices yoga, swims twice daily, has an aquarium and feeds the fishes himself, so there is clearly an emphasis of the water element in the chart besides the 4 planets in water signs, the Taurus Moon and the Virgo Sun.
Sagittarius on the MC = his is a lawyer, has published several books on law; he also was director of Gazprom = 10th house ruler is in an air sign and the 4th house (of natural/underground resources).

Maju said...

Hmmm... certainly he seems to have a preference for water stuff. Still, he already has 5 planets in water signs: Saturn and Ceres in Pisces and Venus, Mars and Neptune in Scorpio. That's half all planets and second most important to Earth.

Aditionally, if I am right on the 16º Aries rising thingy, he would have a quincux based on Neptune and Pluto (water rulers), while the Neptune+Mars stellium is in any case very important for him to bridge the oppositions caused by Saturn.

Astrolog Tanja said...

Hi Maju, how are you? I hope that you get used to Saturn’s influences.
Some interesting things concerning astrology:

One of prominent Serbian astrologer – Nikola Stojanovic and his correct predictions published in various articles and his theory on the degrees:

But I’m not bad in prognosis too, (my above reply posted on 5/3/08), Obama and Hillary were born under the same sign:

Astrolog Tanja