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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kosova: finally a Spaniard with common sense.

It had to be Carlos Taibo, a historical reference for the Antimilitarist movement. In Kosovo en los anteojos celtibéricos (Kosovo through the Celtiberian glasses, Sin Permiso) Taibo criticises equally the entrenched right as the Jacobin left for their majoritarian rejection of Kosovar independence for a number of reasons but basically because they seem to believe that estabilished states are "holy and untouchable" and because they forget the dark decade of Serbian Kosova between 1989 and 1997, that seldom if ever arises in the analysis (even if it's obviously central). Finally he says:'s extremely shocking that among the chorus of voices that reject this posibility [Kosovar independence] not one even ponders what the majority of Kosovar population thinks about it...

Certainly more than shocking knowing the Spanish undemocratic talant, it is worrying that they don't seem to be able to wake up to reality, condemning us to repeat the story of Yugoslavia in one way or another.

I remember someone who had been working as volunteer in the refugee camps in Croatia or Bosnia (not sure) who told us that a displaced young girl asked him: How many republics there are in your country? Not to confuse the kid with complicated political subtleties, he replied that 17 (the number of autonomous communities in Spain), to what the girl replied with a gesture and "uf!" meaning deep concern.

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