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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Parallel stories: police protects fascists in Spain as in the Basque Country.

Spanish fascists have been very active these last days: they organized concentrations in the popular Madrilian neighbourhood of Lavapies as in the Basque town of Lizartza. The circumstances are somewhat different but in both cases they were seen as invaders, and in both cases they counted with police protection (Spanish police in Madrid and Basque police in Lizartza).

Articles and image galleries:
- Gara: 'la Ertzaintza arremete contra ciudadanos abertzales mientras avala un acto de los ultraderecistas españoles' ("Basque Autonomous Police attacks Basque patriotic citizens while supporting an act of the Spanish far right").
- La Haine: 'A pesar de la ayuda policial, los Nazis no consiguen llevar adelante su provocación' ("In spite of police support, Nazis could not carry on with their provocation").
- La Plataforma: 'Concentración antifascista en Tirso de Molina' ("Anti-fascist concentration in Tirso de Molina square") - photo gallery.

The Basque case is particularly painful because the nazi provocation was done in support of the appointed major of the Spanish conservative party (we all know, who fed and feed the fascists, don't we?) in Lizartza. The Gipuzkoan town has a virtually unanimous independentist majority but, as result of the systematic outlawing of independentist options by Spanish special tribunals, there was no quorum for electing a town hall (all votes were "null", i.e. to the ilegalized list) and the Spanish government appointed her by decree.

A few days ago grafitti insulting Basques in general and Lizartzans in praticular, and supporting the appointed right-wing major appeared in the town. Now "Basque" police supported the nazi concentration (all arrived by bus from Spain) and attacked the citizens who protested against it.

It's really a shame and an outrage (another one) that foreign fascists can come to our country and enjoy the protection of the regional police (in theory directed by self-described as "Basque nationalists" - but of a very sheeply and corrupt kind in any case), while huge sectors of Basque citizens are forbidden to protest or vote.

The fascists have called for another demo in Gernika tomorrow. And the story will foreseably repeat.


Astrolog Tanja said...

And the story will repeat...

The photo of the poor Deutsche Bank?

No difference with the photos from Belgrade streets few days ago.

The rioters broke several windows on the German diplomatic premises, plus, they set the U.S. embassy on fire, and also the famous McDonald's restaurant,and...

I just wonder why??? ;-((

You wonder why the police acted in that way?
They just work their job very well as politicians. ;-))

Maju said...

I wonder rethorically. I know that the system and the fascists get along very well. Who placed Mussolini, Hitler and Franco in power? "Democratic" UK.

Anyhow, in Serbia it was fascists (chetniks) who did that. In Madrid it was surely the anti-fascists. Both may be angry at the stabilishment but for very opposite reasons. The situation of Serbia is not probably extrapolable to other places.

Maybe the fascists would do like in Serbia if the USA supported the independence of my country. But that's not going to happen any time soon.

And I'll tell you why. When I was visiting the broken Yugoslavia, we met a Macedonian politician who told us a likely real story. It goes as follows:

He was talking to a US diplomat (implicitly or explicitly mentioned as CIA member - can't recall all details) before the country broke apart. The diplomat mentioned that, with the fall of the Soviet bloc Yugoslavia had lost "strategic relevance". The Macedonian said: "I'm happy to learn that". And the Gringo replied: "I wouldn't be so happy if my country would lose strategic relevance, really".

The case is that Spain, with its strategic placement at the Strait of Gibraltar, its booming economy (9th or 11th by GDP, depending how you count it) and maybe other factors (like strategic partnership with France, influence in Latin America, etc.) is and is likely to remain "strategically relevant" for long.

The same applies largely to Turkey and the Kurdish issue.

So we will have to wait most likely till the US bloc also sinks into crisis, what will happen sooner or later (nothing lasts forever) - but I fear that not any time soon.

Astrolog Tanja said...

In Serbia it was surely the angry young people, anti-fascists also!!

In Serbia the things aren't so complicated. Simply, west think we are east, east think we are west.

We are at the crossroad of 3 streams:
1.Islam and Christianity
2.Orthodox Christianity and Catholic

And that was fascist who divided Yugoslavia, plus... It's revenge for lost ww2.

U.S. wants to tie Europe, afraid of ..Europe could become third power, afraid of Islam, afraid of Russia.

About astrology:
What to tell, the man have Saturn in 12th house, my God, what a karma !

Maju said...

Hmmm... Don't know. I didn't follow closely what happen in Serbia these days. But being such inccidents sparked by the independence of Kosovo, I imagined that were chetniks (and other Serbian "patriots") letting their anger go against Western icons.

I don't know why anti-fascists should care about Kosovo at all. It's a patriotic issue, not a class issue. They should be with the people of Kosovo, whatever their ethnicity - and that means being in favor of self-determination (though I have also read some leftist Spanish sites saying nonsense about Kosovo anyhow and idealizing Serbia as some sort of "the Cuba of Europe", what you and I know it's ot the case).


About the lottery car winner: I'll post in your blog. Just to keep some consistence.

Maju said...

Uhm, wait. Who has Saturn in 12th house? It's not your lottery study subject. Maybe you meant 2nd house - which is actually worse for monetray matters (but less depressing).

Saturn sucks almost always, anyhow.

Astrolog Tanja said...

On demonstrations against Kosovo Albanians' unilateral declaration of independence were, some said 250.000 some 500.000 normal people, and among them some degree of idiots as elsewhere on such happenings.
And you must noticed that Serbian people didn't say a single word against independence of Monte Negro!

Anti-fascist is in all Serbs gens, c'mon, Nazi killed my grandfather and his brother, my father was bombed in Belgrade by Nazi...etc.etc.

Look at the background history of Austro-Ungarian state, in Berlin congress 1878 - the main aim of Vienna was to push the Russian and to control all Balkan.

They had since that - the strategy for the future, to use the Albanians as destruction power in Balkan.

In 1912 the Serbian people fought against the Ottomans Kingdom, together with other Balkan's Christian people.

At the same time, Albanians fought at the side of Ottomans (Turks).

It's amassing similarity politics of Austro-Ugarian, fascistic Italy and Nazi Germany from the first half of 20th century with the powers in NATO, with the U.S. on the top.

You can now connect the seed of idea of Third Raih in Europe, from one side, and from the other side - the jihad Islam.

And since that time, that powers trying to falsify the history, and you read this and that.

It's all about money and power in politics, and you can read for instance that someone is great hero, but in reality he was great killer!

What about poor Indians in U.S., Aborigines, etc., ahhh. All destroyed poor and proud nations.
Who asked them about their history. But, THEY KNOW THE TRUTH.

The conclusion about the Serbs - against Nazi and jihad. The root for Nazi is Austro-Ungary, and for jihad - old Ottomans Kingdom.

That demonstrations in Belgrade few days ago, was against Nazi and jihad.

And Serbia is not like Cuba, when you see our Knez Mihailova street it's modern, like elsewhere in Europe. No difference. (Difference is only that Serbian girls really care how they look, fashion etc.., like Italian girls)

Yes, we had socialism, but it was "high class of socialism", and Tito our president was famous in the world.

And Fidel is amassing figure what I read and listen, unfortunately I don't know what people there think about that.

Maju said...

I meant "like Cuba" in the sense of the last socialist state in Europe. For what I know, Serbia is pretty much capitalist and Milosevic was the king of all capitalists (at least locally), inspiring the ascension of Berlusconi in Italy through the same kind of total control of the media (or later Putin in Russia).

Anyow, you seem to think in the kind of historical determinism that my fascist mother uses to think: "Croats=catholic=good" (she has never seen a Croat in her life - but does that matter?) and that kind of symplistic thought that for me makes no sense whatsoever.

There are no fascist or antifascist genes. My grandpa was a fascist and I am radically antifascist (and I can't think of any other ancestor that would provide the alternative genes).

It is praxis what makes you a fascist or not. Authoritarism is fascism, genocide is fascism, militarism is fascism, imperialism is fascism. It's not privative of any nation: look at Israel and their shoa against Palestinian civilians!

Serbian nationalists had to fight against Hitler because the Italians were messing around. Would they have not, there would have been no "great patriotic war" but neutrality. Hitler's goal was then Russia and Yugoslavia was just a distraction for him.

Regarding the Ottoman Empire, I have no special feelings against them. They were just like Spain but looking to Mecca, who cares about such petty details? Both were equally corrupt and eventually oversized. Both were and are reactionary and militaristic. Just that ones kiss the hand of the Pope and the others the Quran. What's the big difference?

Only when they began exterminating people, like in Armenia, they became really hateful. But before that they never caused any genocide, not in the Balcans in any case.

But Serbian patriotic arrogance caused it and not in the far distant past... but just yesterday. And it would have been the same in Kosova would you have won. I call that fascism.

Astrolog Tanja said...

There are no fascist or antifascist genes.

Science will give the proof one day.

According to my investigations in astrology, I have examples of excellent doctors - surgeons with the ancestors who killed in their past. It's fascinating how they like to handle with open human body. They have in theirs horoscopes informations how to be aggressive, weapons etc...

And my mother have Saturn square Mars, and her father was killed by Nazi. See? You know that kind of thing.

She have this information in her astral body, and that's why today science isn't possible to tell - this is gen.

Science today doesn't know how to examine astral body.

(Except some extra medium working for governments in secrets..)

I have for example Sun trine Saturn, and my father is alive and have very good health. He gave me gens for good health also..etc etc
My 7 bodies (mental, emotional.., etc.) have all informations from my parents, from the stars, from the Sun, from my surroundings...all is written.

The scientist have to examine further gens, but it's impossible, they need instruments for astral bodies, and the further searching had to go in that way.

Acupuncture have those knowledge, chakra system in India and..

It's interesting how some scientist had researching, he compared the size of sprinters ears and hands, and the winning results in race. And he found there is correspondence.
Gens maybe? The higher level of testosterone in body maybe produce bigger ears and better results in sport? Just one example.

About Croats, I like Croats, but they are mostly "pretend to be Catholics", like in Serbia the most "pretend to be Christians", but in reality they don't know what the true religion is. They understand the priest, but rare are who really understand the Prophets.

You see how the wrong beliefs divide people instead of opposite, and for sure that wasn't the messages of true Prophets.

Mine also.

Maju said...

(1) Astrology is not genetics. I don't know why you are trying to confuse both.

Additionally Astrology is not inherited, even if family matters may appear in the natal chart. Sometimes relatives have related charts (more than statiscally reasonable, I'd say) but not always, not at all.

(2) Your religion is not "the true religion". It's just one among many.

As I said before, if there is a divinity, it speaks through nature arbitrarily not singled out books. And, if it also speaks through books, it speaks through ALL books: the Bible as The Antichrist (Nietszche's), the Quran as The Satanic Verses, the Book of the Mormon as Naked Lunch, the Tao Te Qing as this blog.

If Moshe is a prophet, so is Sapho; if Jesus is God, so is Baudelaire.

"Race of Cain reach out to heaven / and throw God down against Earth".

Do you believe in the god that ordered to kill all Jericoan males and rape and enslave all women?

Do you believe in the god of Inquisition?, the god of the Crusades?, the god of Manicheism? the god of Hypocrisy?

I am not interested.

As apparently Heisenberg said: "With or without religion, good people do good deeds and bad people do evil deeds. But for good people to do evil, for that religion is needed".

Morals are perverse. Ethics, respect... is the way to go.

There is good and evil maybe but good is freedom, truth and solidarity, and evil is opression, falsehood and selfishness. But anyhow these are human values not "divine".

To put it in another way: you can think in an absolute "god" (that, as some Zoroastrians, suggested cannot be whorshipped nor much can be said about it) and then you can think of a human or social "god", with values that are specific for each society. That human/social god is not the same as the absolute (philosophical) god but just a subset, like you and me, the computer or the smoke of the cigarrette.

Or do you think that the same rules apply to humans, galaxies or quarks? Maybe in a very abstract sense but not in the moralistic way that typical organized religions like to put it.

(3) Certainly surgery and killing abilities may be about the same. Psychiatry and mass manipulation too. How to use one's abilities is, at least partly, a personal ethic choice.

(4) I know that Croats are not necearily Catholics, etc. I just put the example to show how easy is for some (my mother in the example) to simplify into black & white categories out of intellectual laziness. Reality is of course multicolor and subtly shaded but many people seem to prefer to simplify radically according to their prejudices.

Maju said...

Note: "arbitrarily not singled out books" should read "not arbitrarily singled out books" - LOL.