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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Israel massacre dozens of civilians impunely.

Israel has killed more than 56 people in their last attack against Gaza strip, while losing two soldiers. The ministry of defense of the Zionist state claimed that most were militants but doctors' data suggests that the vast majority were civilians, including 8 children. The total of militants among the casualties varies: BBC mentions 16, while Palestinian media talks of only 11.

This massacre comes short after the defense minister of Israel threatened Gaza with a holocaust (shoa), a term almost only used in Israel to refer to the Jewish genocide under Hitler.

Acording to Palestinians the death toll could now already be as high of 100, including 25 chidren.

Meanwhile the UN Security Council has met on request of the Palestinian Authority, that requests international protection. I can only imagine that the USA will veto any resolution in this sense and that Isreali will continue ahead with its announced holocaust while the so-called democratic nations look passively. The fact that the USA sent a warship towards Lebanon recently suggests that it's trying to support Israel through brute force if necessary.

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