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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Uribe and Reyes

La Haine has published an interview with two Chileans who were in the camp that Uribe ordered to destroy, in Ecuador.

They say very clearly that it was not a guerrilla camp but a diplomatic one: that it had been intentionately placed out of the territory of Colombia (2km inside Ecuador) to allow the many international visitors involved in the negotiations that would allow the exchange of prisioners between Colombia and the FARC to access it without having to enter the war zone.

They also say that most of the killed were not FARC guerrillas but foreign visitors: either diplomatic liasons or sympathizers from the Bolvarian Continental Confederation (CCB) that had celebrated its congress at Quito those days. The FARC is member of the CCB.

They declare that it was evident to no one that Alvaro Uribe had such a criminal intent, not just of ordering to kill the people who were sleeping in their tents, now evidently a majority of non-FARC visitors, but to abort any possibility that any sort of dialogue that could lead to prisioner exchange between Bogotá and the FARC could ever happen.

I understand that what Mr. Uribe is saying through his murderous act is: we will not negitiate anything and anyone who tries to bypass us risks being killed. Uribe has indeed negotiated advantageous deals with much more criminal groups, but those were his friends of the far-right death squads.

In a separate article, the survivors of the massacre explained how it happened:
The soldiers yelled: "surrender and we will respect your lives" and, as they surrendered, they killed them.
At least 22 people, five women and 17 men, were killed in the massacre (these figures only account for the corpses found so far). Only three women, two Colombians and one Mexican, survived.

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