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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Apartment for sex?!

BBC: France's sordid housing crisis.

The price of housing in some parts of Europe is so brutally high that the latest scandal is that many French landlords are offering house for sex, more or less bluntly. And many women are being draw into accepting such humilliating conditions.

On the possitive side is the popular reaction, squatting empty buldings and actively protesting this awaful situation that can only have a socialist solution. Remember that so many historical changes in Europe have begun in France and nowadays the abusive cost of housing (and soon also of staple foods) are laying down the necessary anger for such a radical change.

Some of these organizations are listed in the BBC's article (all links in French):
- Jeudi Noir (Black Thursday)
- Droit Au Logement (Right of Housing)
- Les enfants de Don Quichote (the children of Don Quixote)

Some of these people have occupied a building in front of the French Stock Market and renamed it Ministry of Housing Crisis.

It sounds a bit to the Comitee of Public Health. Let speculators' heads begin to fall!

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