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Monday, March 10, 2008

One out of three Basques disdains Spanish elections

With important political options banned and calling for abstention, the results of these elections in the Southern Basque Country should not surprise anyone: abstention has grown almost 9 points, reaching 33.35% of the citizens.

For those who did vote, the only option growing was he Spanish Socialist Worker's Party (social-democrats). The moderate nationalist parties have all lost votes, and that is also the case of the Spanish tories and left-wing bloc.

There has been important differences through the four regions that comprise the Southern Basque Country anyhow: Gipuzkoa, the most homogeneously Basque in character, registered an abstention of 41.9%, while Navarre, where the pragmatic nationalist coalition Nafarroa Bai ("Navarre Yes") has experienced an important growth, abstention has been quite more discrete (26.5%). The other two regions, Biscay and Araba, were intermediate, with 33.4% and 29.6% respectively (source).

Meanwhile, in the Northern Basque Country, the natonalist bloc Euskal Herria Bai ("Basque Country Yes") has significatively improved the results of last elections, growing importantly in nearly all cantons (source).

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