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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The killing fields of Colombia

As one fascist president takes over his equally fascist predecessor in Colombia, one of the largest mass burials known to exist in the country is being unearthed at
La Macarena, just 200 km south of Bogota. Some corpses are still fresh.

The Colombian paramilitary forces, promoted by the state in their fight not against the guerrilla but against the civilian dissidence (human rights' activists, leftist politicians, labor unionists...) and heavily involved in traffic of cocaine and its cheap derivative: crack, have murdered maybe 50,000 civilians, many of them social activists but many others mere random peasants used for training and then presented sometimes as guerrillas in the scandal of the false positives.

In many cases, the paramilitary forces used random peasants as victims for training their new recruits. The gangs' rookies had to disembowel and dismember these innocent people as means of initiation and training. They were also expected to do the same kind of hyper-violence when taking over a village, so peasants learned to fear them.

The new president, J.M. Santos, former minister of defense, is tainted with that blood and we can hardly expect any solution under his leadership, which represent only the continuity of mafias, death squads, generalized repression and the domination, under the shadowy protectorate of the USA, of the old oligarchic families, to which he belongs.

Source: La Haine.

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