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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yet another labor activist murdered in Colombia. Yet another mass grave found.

Germán Restrepo, 58, president of the packagers' union was murdered yesterday in the city of Medellín, where he lived and worked.

He is the last one of a long list of labor unionists murdered in Colombia in the last years: 547 since 2002, 32 in 2010 alone.

As denounced by the president of Unitary Workers' Central (CUT), Tarsicio Mora, many of those crimes remain without any investigation at all.

Medellín, the second largest Colombian city, remains one of the most dangerous places in the country, with death squads and criminal gangs acting impunely.

Source: Agencia de Prensa Rural[es]

Another mass grave found in the Colombian NE

The same site reports that yet another mass grave has been discovered in the department of César, near the Venezuelan border. 140 bodies were recovered,, mostly women, all them victims of the paramilitary terror that plagues the country with the consent and support of the state.

It is estimated that some 140,000 people have been victim of paramilitary terror only in this department. This figure does not include displaced persons.

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