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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Psychedelics as psychological medicine?

This is not really new, after all a host of religions across the globe use some such drugs in various ways with special success in tackling alcoholism and existential anxiety in general. Also independent researchers such as the "father of LSD"
Albert Hofmann have for long defended their usefulness in psychotherapy.

But still it's good to see that the same line of thought keeps reappearing once and again in spite of the institutional demonization of psychedelics. As reported by News Daily today, Franz Vollenweider and Michael Kometer, argue that drugs such as LSD or Psylocibes (magic mushrooms) have a lot of potential in psychotherapy, with the additional advantage that they would be used only for short periods, at low doses in combination with psychotherapy.

Psychedelics can give patients a new perspective -- particularly when things like suppressed memories come up -- and then they can work with that experience.
Mental illnesses...

... are serious, debilitating, life-shortening illnesses, and as the currently available treatments have high failure rates, psychedelics might offer alternative treatment strategies that could improve the well-being of patients and the associated economic burden on patients and society.
But Big Pharma surely prefers to have them taking their mostly useless (and potentially harmful) products for life, regardless of outcome.

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