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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Solar activity may even trigger earthquakes down here

Everything is connected to some extent. We know for example that solar cycles affect the weather down here on Earth but I would not have suspected that solar activity could be related to earthquakes on our planet.

It is as of now a tentative hypothesis but it makes some good sense, it seems.

Read more at NASA Science News (found originally at Washington Blog).

Update (Aug 23): it seems I got it totally wrong. It does not seem to be able to trigger earthquakes, in spite of Earth and Sun vibrating in the same frequency and fancy stuff like that. At least a connection has not been found as of yet.


eurologist said...

It's just an analogy. There is no direct physical link, at all.

These phenomena have some parallels - that's all; in particular, concerning the amount of energy released and some of the details of the release mechanisms and its timing (again, analogies - not actual links).

Maju said...

You're right, I fear.