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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Two good antimilitarist news

Today is mildly positive for Antimilitarism:

Dutch troops move out of Afghanistan

Whatever you may think of the endless and pointless¹ Afghanistan War, one thing is clear: it is an imperialist war. The retreat of most of the Dutch force (250 soldiers will remain) marks an important turn point in the sad story of this war, where the only losers are civilians and unemployed recruits.

¹ It's pointless because only Afghans could liberate themselves from the Taliban, it's pointless because Osama and Al Qaeda are the creation of the USA with their fundamentalist-fascist allies in the region: Israel, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, it's pointless because 9/11 was an insider job (most simple of all evidence: both towers and building 7 of the CIA fell as in a controlled demolition - what actually was).

Source: Gara[es]

Cluster bombs banned

Cluster bomb ban treaty becomes official after 38 countries ratified it, other 70 states have signed but not yet ratified the treaty. Cluster bombs have been heavily criticized because of being highly indiscriminate and because they leave too many unexploded fragments around that later kill children and others.

The main producers of these criminal bombs (USA, Israel, China) have not signed it but still the treaty creates a moral instrument of international law. However there are still many unregulated particularly horrible weapons like the dense inert metal (DIME) explosives used by Israel against the civilian population in Gaza last year.

Source: Gara[es]

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