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Sunday, August 22, 2010

I am Israel (video - documentary)

Not long, dynamic and very explanatory video on what is wrong with Israel (if you had still any doubt). It is available in several languages (version here in English).

The fact that it can explain so much in so little time really shows why Israel and its Lobby cannot win even the propaganda war: because truth defends itself and does it with relative ease, because it's too easy to identify the racist, colonialist and genocidal nature of this abhorrent polity.

Found at Justice, posted at YouTube by Jihano92, original site: I am Israel.


ben g said...

Nice, a propaganda video completely without context. This is sure to convince people who are only interested in one side of the story.

Maju said...

Israel is a Nazi colonial genocidal racist entity. There's no other side to it.

I suggest that you browse the blog for further "propaganda" and then maybe try to find some of all that info in the mainstream media of your country, where not even the biggest environmental aggression in history probably merits much room, much less anything close to the truth.

The propaganda is in the mainstream media: vocal about some stuff and deadly silent about what really matters: Israeli genocide in Palestine, BP genocide in the Gulf, etc.

What do you have to say about the eviction of Bedouins, who are citizens of Israel, of the eviction of people from Jerusalem and the demolition of their homes, of the fragmentation of the West Bank by military and civilian colonization, of the Nakba of 1948 and all the Nakbas that followed since then?

When you show real concern and respect for Palestinians, then I will allow you to tell me about the other side of th coin. But then you will have to remain mute because there's no other side other than Zionist criminal arrogance.

ben g said...

I do show concern for the Palestinians, that's why I want them to live peacefully side by side with Israel in their own state.

This argument obviously won't get anywhere, as indicated by your first sentence. Anyone who thinks Israel is "Nazi" is either an idiot, an irredeemably prejudiced True Believer of some ideology, or an anti-semite. Judging by the intelligence of your non-politics related postings, you're either the second or the third (or some combination thereof).