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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Expert who denounced BP found dead

Mathew Simmons, former chairman of Simmons & Co. International, advocate of peak oil theory and heavy critic of BP's management and misinformation on the Louisiana oil disaster was found dead yesterday in the bath tube, allegedly drowned after suffering a heart attack at the age of 67.

Simmons became rather prominent in the last months as he denounced in the media that there must exist another much bigger leak, some five or six miles away from the one reported and seemingly "killed". For him what we could see in the underwater cameras could not account for the real figures of the spill, even when these were minimized by BP and the US government.

More controversially he proposed to tackle the problem using a controlled nuclear explosion.

But crucially he denounced that nothing was being done apparently to quell the main spill, in a most serious case of environmental crime. He also suggested early on that the USA should have taken military control of the problem instead of letting the fox, BP, to take care of the chickens (oil disaster).

Suspicion of assassination is of course widespread through the Internet because the most prominent critical voice on this disaster has been silenced this way. See for instance: Alexander Higgins' Blog, .

In this sense I must mention that the modus operandi, if we are in front of a murder, is very similar to the one used by the Mossad in Dubai some months ago, to murder Hamas member Mamouhd al Mabouh, whose death was for more than a week officially believed to be caused by a heart attack... until French laboratories confirmed the presence of such a high tech poison.

Some 300 videos of Simons' opinions on the oil spill can be found at YouTube.

Update (Aug 12): just to mention that three people working for BP cleanup operations have died. One apparently shot himself, another one died of an apparent heart attack and drowning at a swimming pool (curious coincidence with Matt Simmons' death) and the other is only mentioned by number (source).


Va_Highlander said...

The idea of using a nuclear detonation to close the Deepwater Horizon oil well was bat-shit insane. No marginally well-informed person could have advocated such a thing. The most likely outcome would have been to render the oil leak unstoppable. The chances of achieving some other outcome were essentially non-existent. The reasons were obvious to anyone that bothered to inform themselves.

A man that advocates such a reckless course of action might be lauded for his opportunism, or admired for his skillful manipulation of people even less informed than he, but he is no expert.

Maju said...

I am also of the opinion that resorting to a nuclear device would be absurd. Even if explosives would be a solution (and not cause an even worse spill), conventional explosives can do everything a nuke can... without the radioactivity.

But, regardless, he was pointing fingers and arguing since the very beginning that BP was hiding critical info and causing aggravated damage, with government complicity (conscious or not). The death is most suspicious in any case and may be a vengeance or even sign that he had achieved some further info.

Of course, it may be a real accident but someone posted at Alexander Higgins' comments section that three BP workers have died in similar circumstances. I have not been able so far to confirm this last point but it seems clear from other behaviors (like sending workers out to the poisonous sea without proper equipment, running cleanup work as a nazi camp, openly saying that they would fight all compensation claims, forcing people to renounce to further claims if they want to get a compensation, hiding info, etc.) that they are ready to do anything.

I doubt he was any sort of "opportunist": he was wealthy and retired and would have been better off keeping his mouth shut. What he said, regardless of whether I agree or not, was said because he believed in it, no doubt.

Va_Highlander said...

I agree, for the most part.

The problem with using a nuclear device was that it completely ignored geological conditions at the well site. It was not a matter of opinion or corporate or anti-corporate ideology, but a matter of demonstrable objective reality.

Simmons chose, or felt compelled, to suggest a course of action that was based on some other reality and I find that most troubling.

Maju said...

Yes, I think so too. Just that he's dead now... in strange circumstances.

Btw, did you read the update: confirmed that 3 BP workers have died in incidents in the last months, at least one in circumstances very similar to those of Simmons: heart attack and drowning.