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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Venezuela, first Western country to do something about Gaza

Venezuela has expelled the Israeli ambassador as well as a good deal of the Zionist diplomatic representation in Caracas. This was done in response to the agression against Gaza, that Chávez decried as a "holocaust".

The Venezuelan foreign minister said that the Israeli attack are "flagrant violations of the international law" and "state terrorism".

On monday, President Chávez accused the USA of poisoning Yasir Arafat in order to further destabilize the region and allow the criminal Zionist plans to go ahead.

An applause for the Venezuelan people and its democratic and socialist institutions. This is the America and the West that we dream of. This is the future, Israel and the still powerful bloc that supports it belong to the past.

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Anonymous said...

Israel's Latin American trail of terror The Venezuelans haven't forgotten.