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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gaza genocide: around the Web

Largely because I have recently subscirbed to Palestinian Blogs aggregator, an index of blogs on Palestine, in nearly any language you can imagine, I can offer here some snippets of what people is thinking, denouncing, reporting, crying... in regard to the Gaza genocide and the Palestinian struggle against colonial apartheid.

  • Chet, at Just Wondering mentions some of the criminal weapons used against Gazans and how Israel and Israeli political and war leaders can be sued at the International Court of Justice.
  • Yasmin at The Angry Arabs' Comments Section narrates just another epysode in which SS, I mean Israeli, soldiers murdered several children gratuitously.
  • Ramallah Online denounces the BBC for its complicity with the Israeli genocide by giving a twisted and biased pro-Zionist version of events, not just now but always.
  • Sharon Dolev at Jewcy reports on how difficult is to be a leftist and pro-Palestinian activist in Israel, where some ask these "traitors" to "be killed even before Hamas".
  • Le Café Politicien informs that French multinational Veolia has come to the limelight because of cooperating with Zionist genocidal colonization. The Swedish NGO Diakonia has denounced it, making the unscrupulose company to lose a contract worth 1.9 billion euros in Stokholm.
  • Palestine Think Tank tells on how the Greek Antiauthoritarian movent, itself engaged in widespread conflict with the Greek right-wing government and the police forces, has managed to block, or at least divert to some other port (probably one of the British bases in Cyprus) a shipment of weapons from the USA to Israel in the midst of the genocidal war against Gaza.
Additionally it's very much worth mentioning the Global BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Movement, with wide info on how to do and expand the boycott against Israel and their associates worldwide. I'll surely write more on it later on.

The Israeli codebar begins with 729

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