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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Everything is ETA, Great Inquisitor rules

The eight Basque citizens
arrested some days ago have been jailed accused of "membership in armed organization", no matter that their only "crime" seems to have been active politically and work peacefully for the independence of the Basque Country. No direct or indirect relationship with ETA has been established at all, nor is likely to exist in any manner. But Great Inquisitor B. Garzón thinks, like his predecessor Fray Torquemada, that evidence and justice do not matter at all but rather the political goal of destroying the old Basque democracy and to exclude a most important sector of Basque society from any sort of democratic repesentation or even human rights.

Relatives and friends of the arrested before the hearing

Obviously the pseudo-elections of March in the Western Basque Country are on sight and the possibility, even if remote, that the Spanish nationalist bloc might achieve a pseudo-majority thanks to the banishment of this important political current that claims self-determination for the Basque Country, is part of the equation. One of the arrested was speaker of the new platform Democracy 3 Million and the attorney general, Conde-Pumpido, has already vowed to make all in his hand to prevent Basques from choosing freely in these upcoming elections.

Again several Basque citizens are arrested and jailed on mere political grounds and again Basques will not be able to vote freely in the upcoming elections. The ghost of Franco laughs with that irking childish voice in his megalomaniatic mausoleum.

Source: Gara.

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