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Friday, January 16, 2009

From inside Gaza (videos and more)

Found at Al Jazeera English: white phosphorus, destroyed homes, etc.

Also a must read: Gazans tell of ordeal as war rages.

Gaza is on fire. Everyone on this piece of land is under attack. In this time and age, I can't believe the world is watching and no one is doing anything.

Moussa el-Haddad, doctor

I saw him [the solider] hiding next to the shop. I looked around for my mum, then he shot me. One bullet hit my hand and the other penetrated my stomach through my back.

A four years old girl.

My three daughters went out with my mother. All of a sudden, Israeli soldiers started shooting at them from a very close distance. My eldest was hit by 17 bullets in the chest and my two-year-old was hit by 12. They both died, of course.

A father.

Also, on the side of the very few good news in this genocide, it seems that the campaign to boycott Israeli products is beginning to have effect. The trend seems to have become quite widespread specially in Scandinavia but also fruits desinied to Jordan have been blocked at the border. Zionist farmers lament the growing losses.

Also Chet mentions that a Parisian fair of Israeli tourism has been suspended on popular outrage.

Let's keep up with the boycott, let's force racist Israel to become democratic Palestine. No Zionists in European competitions, no agreements of any sort with the Zionazi monster! Towards the total isolation of racist Israel.

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