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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Genocide in Gaza (2)

Basque newspaper Gara reports (link1, link2) that the situation in Gaza is dire and desperate as the Zionist keep terrorizing the population with their cluster bombs.

Yesterday a clearly identified UN school, that housed 400 refugees, was bombed , killing three. Israeli ships opened fire against a beach at Deir al Balah, murdering 10. A hospital was also bombed destroying many ambulances packed with injured victims (the exact figure of casualties in this attack is not known yet).

But the worst is not directly caused by bombs, but by the destruction of all infrastructures. The lack of electricity is causing extreme death risk for people, specially children, at a time of the year when the temperatures often drop close to 0ºC. Food is also extremely scarce and also poses a major threat for the health and survival of young children. Hopsitals are working with emergency generators that will soon stop working because of lack of fuel. UNRWA has been forced already to close 4 of its 18 emergency health centers, Red Cross personnel has been forbidden from entenring the besieged strip. No humaniatrian aid is arriving at all.

Water is also extremely scarce with 70% of the population having no access to it. The residual water processing plant of Beit Lahiya is being bombed with heavy risk of causing a poisonous flood in that town.

In many cities around the world protests have been held. In Egypt and Morocco these have been brutally repressed, with at least one person killed in Marrakech.

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