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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coconut fibre to replace plastic

at SD.

Baylor University researchers have found how to use the most aboundant coconut fibre (normally a wasted byproduct of coconut production) to make polyester-like fibres, with the specific intention of using them in automobiles' interiors.

Obviously this developement still awaits implementation (like so many other technological discoveries it may take decades before it's widespread) but it's certainly cheaper and more eco-friendly than the typical plastic parts. It also fits safety standards for such products.

Let them come. We use too much plastic.


Anonymous said...

Coconut diesel

Bougainville battlers


Unfortunately once they get into power it's the same old story

"In 2008, Bougainville’s President Kabui announced a deal with a Canadian company (Invincible Resources, headed by an Australian), to sell 70% of Bougainville’s mining, fishing, and forestry rights - for only………..wait for it……………..$8 million dollars. Pause. Breathe. All without Parliament approval or foreknowledge.

Kabui also added a provision in the deal that he would get money for a $200,000 heart surgery he needed. And its about to get weirder.

On June 6, 2008, a women’s group decided to throw a little get-together to talk about this recent business deal. But the police stopped it before it even began, and apprehended two community leaders

Maju said...

True, corruption corrupts everything. But you just need a revolutionary (or even daring reformist) government to revoke all the unjust deals like this. What people needs is to wake up an sharpen the guillotine, that's something that not all the technological advances will ever change. It's social.