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Monday, January 26, 2009

Gaza genocide: shacks and rubble

Found at Tales to tell - from Gaza 2009 (there are more photos of Jabalia).

This is the Palestine the Zionists are "building": children barely surviving in shacks with almost no clothes in the midst of the winter, with no edible water, with the land polluted by depeleted uranium... and with a persistent blockade that does not allow nearly any sort of humaniatrian aid to arrive.

And they still call them "terrorists". As someone said: if they would not fire any rockets now and then, nobody would respect them. The only terrorists here are all those accomplice with Israel, in Palestine or elsewhere. And they are many: our governments are accomplices of this terrorism, the European Union is accomplice of this terrorism, the media are accomplices (often) of this terrorism.

Why is nobody imposing sanctions against Israel? Why is nobody simply invading Israel after all these terrorist actions? Why is nobody at least opening a sea and air corridor into Gaza to send the much needed humanitarian aid? Israel is not all powerful, you know, after all it's just a tiny country of some 3 or 4 million colonists and like 5 million native denizens. If someone with some power like the EU would really want to do something about it, Israel would have to swallow. But our politicians are just corrupt cowards, at least most of them, and they don't care at all about the lives and dignity of the Palestinian children.

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