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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gaza Genocide (3): Israel uses criminal weapons

It's been rumored since the beginning but the informational blockade had made close to impossible to confirm it. Now
a Norwegian physician deployed in Gaza (Dagfinn Bjorjlid, NORWAC) claims that he is watching injuries that are caused by non-conventional weapons such as white phsophorus (sometimes known as napalm) and the new Dense Inert Material Explosive (DIME) ones.

We would need months of research to analyze the samples and have scientific evidence, but the injuries we are treating here are identical to the ones that we treated in Lebanon in 2006, which were related with white phosphorus and DIME weapons.

He explains that the kind of injuries he has seen so far are most likely caused by DIME weapons and napalm. He also mentions unconfirmed reports on the use of toxic gas.

White phosphorus is legal only if used as smoke curtain but not when used as weapon in civilian areas (even against military targets). It causes extensive deep burnings and secondary toxic effects of phosphorus itself (which can be deadly).

DIMEs include an inert metal (normally a tungsten-nickel alloy) that is not consumed in the explosion itself. Being a new experimental wepon it has not yet been included in any convention especifically but it is clear that the metal particles cause brutal amputations among survivors and are strongly carcinogenic.

Toxic gas, while still unconfirmed, requires little comment. It's the kind of weapon that Nazis used to exterminate Jews, Roma and all those people who they considered unfit in the infamous death camps of the 1940s. It was used extensively in warfare in WWI and thereafter forbidden by international conventions mostly because it showed to be ineffective in combat situations (though has been used now and then against civilians in genocide operations like this one).

These criminal activites add up to the humanitarian blockade of the strip, deprived of water, food and largely medical aid, that has made it a true death camp that would make Hitler blush. It is a criminal genocide operation against civilians. But we will only hear cries of "terrorism" when the prisioners of the death camp dare to strike back. Meanwhile it's all licking the boots of the Zionist paradigm and its democidal practices.

And if anything this has shown is that Obama is more of the same (what a deception for so many good hearted US citizens, I guess). As someone put it, Obama is not the first black president of the USA, but the first Jewish one. All his career has been extremely close to the Zionist lobby and there's no reason why he would bite the hand that feeds him. He may be avoiding the issue while he's inaugurated but the fact is that in his campaign he did go farther than any former US president in their complacency towards Zionism by declaring that Jerusalem is the indivisible capital of Israel. He's also delaying the end of the criminal Guantanamo prsion and the retreat from Iraq. Like always whith non-revolutionary politicians: all talk and nothing done.

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