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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Earliest "life form" created in lab, by "in vitro evolution".

This is really bad news for anti-evolutionists (creationists and the like): finally something similar to the earliest form of life has been created artifically: a self-replicating RNA molecule that needs nothing else to perpetuate itself, except molecular bricks (i.e. food).

But even "worse": as scientists failed miserably once and again when using "intelligent design" to do it, the succesful method actually was "in vitro" evolution: let Nature do it in a controlled enviroment.

Of course, the superstitious fanatics will not be persuaded so easily but for all those with an open mindset truth is out there.

It is also important for a true scientific debate: wether the earliest life forms were RNA or DNA based. It is an important piece of evidence in favor of the RNA world model.

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