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Friday, January 23, 2009

Basque Country: arrests with March elections in mind

In a yet new epysode of the crusade that the Great Inquisitors, in this case they hyper-controversial B. Garzón, are holding against democracy in the Basque Country, eight nationalist politicians were arrested last night.

The arrested are: Arantza Ukarregi (Bilbao, University professor), Eli Zubiaga and Iker Rodrigo (both from Getxo), Imanol Nieto (Sestao), Amparo Lasheras (Gasteiz, speaker of the electoral platform D3M), Inaki Olalde (Agurain), Hodei Egaina (Donostia) and Agurtzane Solaberrieta (Usurbil).

Protest in the Basque Autonomous University in solidarity with the arrested

The Great Inquisitor Garzón claims that these arrests and the related search orders in very disparate places (private homes, civic associations, language academies...) are meant to prevent the reorganization of Batasuna, left-wing nationalist political party historically representing some 15% (12-18%) of the southern Basque People, until they were declared illegal. But most politicians have declared that they think this new spate of arrests are intended to provide cover for the illegalization Demkorazia 3 Milloi (D3M - Democracy 3 Million, for the approximate number of Basques), that is meant to be the list for which Basque independentists could vote in these upcoming elections (only affecting the Western Basque Country), and to favor this way the Spanish nationalist bloc, which already enjoys the advantage provided by the federative structure of the autonomous parliament, where all three provinces provide equal number of deputies (25 each), regardless of their population (that ranges from 250,000 to more than a million).

Sources: Gara, EITB.

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