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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zionist and Popists control the USA

The people of the USA made a revolution of sorts some 240 years ago... but since then they have been very sheepish, specially since Hollywood and such became a feature. That means that the system works (or used to), no doubt: people are brainwashed and fed and there's absolutely no room for political dissidence, which is dubbed "anti-Americanism" and either ghettoed or jailed.

Panem et circensis. If it worked for the Roman oligarchs, why not now? But unlike in Rome, for whom the word "socialism" meant nothing, in this Empire the price of bread, opium and mass entertainment keeps going up...

Worse: after the criminal abuses of Bush Jr. and camarilla, including a self-inflicted murderous attack against US soil in 2001 to rally the masses around the Imperial-Zionist war project, a lot of people was really fed up. Most of them got alligned with Obama, who offered "hope", "change" and a fresh face and discourse.

But the US political system, as all the others in the West, is designed for change not to be possible and for politicians to be mere puppets of the corporations, who control the media and the parties and nearly everything else.

This status quo in favor of a handful of oligarchs was ratified by the Supreme Court recently, giving corporations civil rights that mean that as "virtual persons" they can contribute money to politics (bribe politicians more effectivey and officially) just like any other John Doe.

In essence all the political machinery is in the hands of corporations, regardless of whether this or that party or politician rules.

This of course means that they are in the hands of the political agents that control corporations, notably the Zionist International but also other such hierarchies as the Opus Dei, a Catholic order conceived as a brainwashing cult for profit and that has controlled the authoritarian and obscurantist Church of Rome for the last many many decades, since Karol Wojtila rose to the throne of Peter.

Obama is not different: his 'change' is nowhere to be seen (no plan for Guantamo's closure, a government full of rabid Zionists like Rahm Emmanuel, support for terrorist regimes like the ones in Mexico, Colombia and Honduras, not to mention Israel), the 'hope' he managed to sell is vanishing like a bad headache.

I say all this because I was reading yesterday to James Petras on the appointment of Elena Kagan, a totally grey unexperienced attorney but with the right Zionist connections, to the Supreme Court of the North American republic. It's something very much unbelievable if you think on it: such a powerful and alegedly prestigious organ as the Supreme Court filled with carpetbaggers of a foreign lobby? What has become of the proud republic?

I fear that the answer is: a mere puppet of multinational corporative power, no mater who is in charge.

One detail that Petras insists on is the fact that of the 9 members of this Supreme Court, there is not one who is not Catholic or Jewish. Six Catholics and three Jews in a nation that is mostly Protestant and where Jews represent barely 2% of the population (but about 50% of the wealthy and powerful). Where are the Protestant judges? Where are the agnostic judges? The Hindu, the Buddhist, the Muslim judges?

They just don't seem to exist. Surely some of those had much more brillian careers than Kagan (not difficult, really) but they seem to lack the right connections to climb the ladder.

As Petras says, this smells to barn. You could say I am just bitching (sure I am, why not?) but it's more serious than that: it means that the system, which should represent the people of the USA is not working as it should. The people have become just an amorphous mass to be rallied by the media at election campaigns and not anymore any real actor of US politics. The twin-single-party system does not allow for any dissidence to be articulated in a way that has the slightest chance within the system. Many of those genuine believers in democracy were rallied after Obama in the last election, they even created a short-lived popular movement of sorts... but what is left of that? You put all your hopes in a man who later betrays them for some unspeakable interest such as Zionism.

And then what? Despair.

Where's the grassroots movement that rallied behind the Obama illussion? Why are not them demanding their "leader" and Congress to fulfill their promises? Is a downgraded healthcare system all they could hope for? Is this what they fought for?

I doubt it.

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