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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nakba: 62 years and still...

Surely one can write forever on this genocide but one can also for a change merely held respectful silence for the victims without reparation, for the victims of Zionist terror that still claim for return and that are still being murdered by the same arrogant criminal gang.

The natives of what is now insultingly called Israel, dumped by their enemies in the Gaza Strip, display their hope in that key, the key of what was once their home (photo from Gara).

Justice when? There cannot be peace without return, without civil rights, without democracy.

Zionists go home!


Anne Gilbert said...


I think Israel(or at least some of the people in it) started out with high ideals. They made the fatal mistake of not recognizing the Palestinians as fellow Israelis with all the rights and privileges of its Jewish citizens. If they had done this, Israel would be a very different kind of place, and, I think, much more lie what some of its founders wanted it to be. As things stand now, there are two hostile, but closely related, groups, both linguisically and genetically, who mutually don't understand one another, and refuse to listen to one another. The present Israeli government just exacerbates the situation by its despicable actions, such as the bombing of GAza in late 2008-early 2009

Maju said...

(continues from above)

This government is just what Israel would produce normally. In fact it's not that different from previous governments, just more outspoken in their Zionazi plans. Otherwise is the same: there's no alternative while Israel is fed by the Western governments. Only if the switch is turned off and an institutional blockade, maybe supported by a UN intervention in Gaza waters to begin with and surely also nationalization of Zionist interests in our countries (such as Goldman Sachs), then a comprehensive solution South African style can be implemented.

But by the moment racist Israel, unlike it used to be the case with apartheid South Africa, is allowed in international competitions of all sorts as well as international markets. Not just that: EU and the USA give billions and billions away to Israel so it can continue its genocidal policies.

All that is intolerable and makes me, and many others, terribly angry and shameful of our rulers and political systems, which are not certainly committed to Human Rights and all those humanist and democratic values they fill their mouth with.

Whatever the case, Israel is simply unworkable: a failed criminal state (albeit with nukes) kept alive only by continuous massive foreign aid.

Even worse from certain viewpoint is how the Zionist international mafia controls our governments by control of the corporations, media and political resorts. This is particularly outrageous in the USA, where a tiny minority of about 2% really controls the whole state surreptitiously by non-democratic means. In many aspects the USA is a colony of Israel, though also its de-facto motherland.

It's a very interesting case to study in detail: how an ethnic mafia with a religious-political agenda has managed to control a whole empire. But it happened before or otherwise how did Christianity topple the Roman Empire?

Insidious Yaveh-ists.

In any case there are two possible stands with Israel: (1) support it no matter what (Zionism) or (2) oppose it furiously (anti-fascism). There are no third ways here, the same that there were no third ways with Hitler (who by the way enjoyed the tacit support of the UK and the Zionist mafia, at least initially).