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Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel attacks Free Gaza ships. At least 20 murdered.

Part of me really can't believe it. And of course deep feelings of mortal hatred are now burning inside.

Israel has declared war on Humankind.

What else is attacking a peaceful convoy with humanitarian aid and killing the people carrying them, including maybe members of your parliament or the bishop of Jerusalem, and of course many other less famous but equally heroic people.

At the moment I don't have words. I was watching some videos at YouTube on the nonviolent enterprise and was getting ready to write a "heat up" post on the matter, imagining that the situation would unfold in one way or another (but certainly not in this way) along the day or maybe tomorrow.

So I checked Chet's blog Justice that has been covering the nonviolent operation systematically and I was stroke by the most horrible possible news: the cold blood murder of these heroes. I checked at Al Jazeera and there it was the bloody spite on the face of Humankind.

I feel sad but specially I feel terribly angry about this. We have to put with much in our lives but that a micro-state, a tiny protectorate of NATO with no legitimacy whatsoever, dares to do this is too much.

I demand that EU and NATO, entities that supposedly defend me as European citizen, declare immediate war to Israel and annihilate it. Nonviolence has been destroyed as an option in the Palestinian conflict, this sadly shows that there can't be a solution in Palestine by peaceful means.

... Just hate them more than ever before. The Zionazi entity must be banished from the face of Earth and that must happen now. Humankind can't just sit and watch, much less finance or even tolerate any form of finance to the Judeo-Nazi state. It's just like with Hitler: we can't wait a minute more because each minute we do nothing they murder more people.

It's time to dismantle Israel.

Updated info at Twitter Free Gaza. Last is 10 people murdered, Zionist commandos dropped from a helicopter on the largest ship and started shooting everybody (who of course were unarmed civilians). At least 30 more injured. Casualty figures will surely increase as the facts become more clear.

But we will never forgive in any case.


The death toll is rising fast. According to Window into Palestine, at least 20 people were murdered.

Also there are "innacuracies" and blunt lies in many informations from mainstream media:

Some media have reported that the Zionist troops intervened in Israeli territorial waters. That is totally incorrect and it was not Gaza territorial waters either. As you can see on the map at Witness Gaza, the last "ok" communication before the assault happened in international waters at, roughly, the latitude of Tel Aviv or Haifa. The humanitarian flotilla has always sought to avoid Israeli waters traveling only through international zones or, necesarily, Gaza territorial waters, which in this case they did not reach.

Israel is spreading now the lie that the attackers faced resistence from people armed with sticks and knives. That is also false: reported video evidence (known link is this one but it's a live stream from Turkish IHH television channel, I'll change it as soon as I have a more useful link) shows soldiers landing on the ship and opening fire without any sort of provocation.

Also a growing number of Turkish citizens is concentrated at the giant Israeli consulate in Istanbul. Some attempted earlier to storm it but were repelled by the police. It seems very likely that Turco-Israeli relations, already very damaged but once very strong, are going to be slashed. Turkey is not only one of the greatest regional power but is also a NATO member.

See also the official site of the nonviolent campaign Free Gaza.

More updates (demos):

Some of the protest demonstrations called for today in Europe are:

· London: today at 14:00 at Downing Street
· Uppsala: today at 17:00 at Stor Torget
· Stockholm: today at 18:00 at Plattan, with demonstration planned to head to the Israel embassy
· Madrid: today at 19:00, in principle in front of the ministry of foreign affairs

Source: La Haine[es] (also photos and some videos of the attack there)

More updates:

Israel has declared military censorship on all the info on the attack. For that reason, as all the flotilla has been captured by the Zionist pirates and communications have been cut, the exact number of casualties is not well known. Figures vary between 16 and 20 killed and maybe 50 injured.

It is also unclear if the Zionist troops began shooting already in the ships or before boarding them.

Indymedia Chicago reports that one of the injured, or maybe killed, may be a member of the European Parliament but no name is given.

Kaosenlared[es] gathers reports from several media in Spanish and English and mentions that Spain has summoned the Israeli ambassador, as three Spanish citizens were in the ships (to activists and a journalist from TeleSur). They also mention that the Arab League has called an emergency summit for tomorrow.

FreeGaza Twitter page says that the ships have been taken to the port of Ashod, where the activists are as well, the injured have been taken to Tel Hashomer hospital near Tel Aviv and to Rambaun.

British newspaper The Guardian is trying to make a live coverage of the attack in blog and twitter format with mild success. Among other items Harriet Sherwood mentions, largely based on rumors, that, besides Turkey and Spain, also Greece has summoned the Israeli ambassador, that Palestinian leader Sheikh Rayed Salah has been injured and is undergoing surgery, that the Zionist military has closed roads in the West Bank and access to Temple Mount in Jerusalem, that at least one demonstration was called in Jerusalem for today and that four of the injured are naval commanders and that one of them is seriously injured.

Somewhere else (don't ask me where) it's said that even that Zionist agent that is Mahmmoud Abbas has felt obligued to condemn Israel for the massacre.

And more:

Israeli newspaper Haaretz also has some stuff. However, considering the repeated reports (and my own careful confirmation) that adverts in this newspaper spread a virus, I strongly recommend to access it with javascript disabled and antivirus guard activated.

Bradley Burston mentions that Gaza has become the Israeli "Vietnam" but most importantly, considering the reports of Palestinian demonstrations being organized in all the territory, Amos Harel warns of a third Intifada if the reports that Raed Salad is among the casualties (seriously wounded is the rumor) are confirmed.

Demonstrations have also been called in Barcelona (19:00 at Israel consulate) and Seville (20:00 at Plaza Nueva), as reports TerceraInformación.


Chet said...

My blood is boiling. I am just afraid there are many more killed than just ten before this is over. My heart goes out to the wounded and families of the ones killed. God have mercy on all of us if we do not put a stop to Israels atrocities.

Maju said...

I've been feeling appalled, outraged, by the last several hours. I'm calming down gradually but I can still feel all the sadness and rage.

But I can tell you there is one thing those criminals are not making me feel at all: fear. And therefore they have completely failed.

I don't know what will happen now but I think it's clear that things will never be the same for Israel: it has shot itself, probably a deadly wound.

I find hard to believe that they are so stupid.

But they are. Here there is the evidence.

terryt said...

"it's clear that things will never be the same for Israel"

I'm very much afraid that Israel will continue to behave in exactly the same way. As long as the USA and Europe remain too frightened to impose sanctions on Israel that country will remain free to do as it pleases. Of course it's possible I will be surprised.

Maju said...

I'm not cool enough to offer a clear analysis, Terry, but I really think that this is the proverbial drop that spills the water out of the cup (or how do you say in English? Something about a camel...)

The USA is totally losing control of "the empire" and the recent Brazil-Turkey initiative on Iran clearly shows that. This is sometimes a good thing but in the case of Israel it's clearly not. And with the USA out of play and sunk in its own economical and ecological problems, and EU powers also totally messed up, I think it may well be Turkey who dictates what happens in West Asia. In any case it won't be that micro-colony, no matter how many nuclear warheads it has (Turkey also has them: even if they are US owned, many are directly controlled by the Turkish army).

This has got way too far and in any case it shows how murderous those Zionists are. No more pretexts for Tel Aviv.

Unknown said...

Any demonstrations in Brussels?

Saturday they were supporting us, I feel today is the day I return the gesture. They most certainly need it more than we do.

Maju said...

Don't know, Piña, I had to get off the PC for a while. I'm resuming right now. But the likelihood is that yes and that it has already happened or is happenning right now, and that there will be more demos in the following days and specially at the weekend everywhere.

terryt said...

From your number two post:

"I have watched the alleged Israeli military footage and it's not conclusive"

Very much so. They showed the Israeli filmed 'evidence' on local TV. Whoever is doing the hitting with 'iron bars' seems to be uninterupted in their task. Surely that is very unlikely to be the case if it were the protesters doing the hitting.

"how do you say in English? Something about a camel..."

The straw that broke the camel's back. But the USA is still very muted in their comments. I repeat: Nothing will happen.

Maju said...

Yah, "the straw that broke the camel's back". I could not recall, thanks. I would ask why a camel, as there are no camels in Britain but never mind.

"But the USA is still very muted in their comments. I repeat: Nothing will happen".

Actually that is the real problem: the USA is showing weakness and apparent disinterest, which could well lead to the regional actors acting on their own.

And in fact everything points to that, what may well end in nuclear war in the Mediterranean.

I really don't see Israel possibly defeating Turkey in a one to one showdown. And while it will probably be more complicated, that's what we are witnessing now as most likely scenario and that's precisely because the USA is not taking any action against Israel.

The USA is resulting to be a useless "World leader" and a useless NATO big brother. If you can't stand to defend Turkey against Israel, then NATO is worthless because Israel is the main nuclear and non-nuclear threat to peace in all West Eurasia.

This is a most complicated situation that IMO has many chances of spiraling out of control and doing so precisely because of the weakness of Obama and the USA in general.

terryt said...

"I would ask why a camel, as there are no camels in Britain but never mind".

It probably goes back to the days of the 'British empire' when their soldiers served in Egypt and parts of the Middle East.

"I really don't see Israel possibly defeating Turkey in a one to one showdown".

If anything positive has come out of the comedy is the Greece and Turkey at last agree on something, although I doubt that Dienekes will see it that way.

Maju said...

Actually there was a rumor that Cyprus forbade the participation of Cypriot and Greek PMs in the expedition because it was forewarned of the Zionist plans. I don't know if Greece knew anything but it is possible that Cyprus did.

Whatever the case, Greece and Turkey are today relatively close, specially considering their past conflicts. Besides the Cyprus conflict, which could be solved with a little good will, and some minor issues on sea sovereignty zones (similarly solve-able) they have nothing to fight about. Greece has supported Turkey's entry in EU and both countries seem in reasonably good terms, considering how nationalist feelings run hot in the Balcans.

Greece is after all a small country that is aware that needs to be pragmatic. It is also sociologically very leftist and this tendency is likely to grow in the near future, considering the circumstances. For what I know of the Greek people they are a nice bunch, much of the same can be said of Turks, even if there is a greater cultural barrier because of religion.

Greece, along with fascist Spain, used to be one of the few European countries that did not recognize Israel till some decades ago. This was largely because they gave priority to relationships with the Arab world. Instead Turkey used to be a very close ally of Israel, as was also Iran in the time of the Sha, because both were anti-Arab.

But nowadays with Saudi Arabia and Egypt being Israel's allies, pan-Arabism decaying and pan-Islamism taking its place, things have changed a bit.