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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some archeological news

Stone pages'
Archaeo News bulletin is back to normality and I think these items are worth mentioning:

  • England: discovered cairn complex at Otley, Yorkshire. More at The Northern Antiquarian.
  • Australia: ongoing research at Kimberley hopes to find clues of earliest inhabitants. More at The Australian.
  • USA: underwater black chert source at North Carolina suggest coastal migration of Paleo-Indians. More at Star News.
  • Oman: a 5000 years old cemetery. More at Gulf Times.
  • Bahrain: Dilmun culture's burial mounds will be researched before massive development destroys them. More at Gulf Daily.
  • India: stone circles' complex largely destroyed in development at Thiruporur, Tamil Nadu. More at the Megalithic Portal (another reference site).
One of the surviving stone circles of Thiruporur (from the Megalithic Portal)

You can discuss these news and much more at Stone Pages' forums.

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