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Friday, May 21, 2010

Police commanders to jail for G8 Genoa assault and killing

Now and then we get some good news for a change. Sadly some of these good news seem to be hidden by the mainstream Imperial media and we have to look at alternative sources to get to know them.

This is the case of the sentence against 25 police officers who lead or took part in the 2001 assault against a school in Genoa that was the base of a group of nonviolent protesters against the G8 summit that year and participants in the alternative Genoa Social Forum held simultaneously in the same location.

The trial revokes a previous sentence from 2004 that only condemned some of the police agents involved in situ but acquainted the whole command chain that gave the orders, sentencing them to a total of 85 years of prison for falsification in second degree (they introduced explosives in the school) and severe injuries (one of the victims died, many others were seriously harmed).

The sentence is still under what the state attorneys demanded: a total of 110 years. However this is not the official position of the government that has declared its support for the attackers.

· Diagonal Aragón (in Spanish)
· Processi G8 (in Italian)


joe90 kane said...

Thanks for that news,
as well as the other amazing stuff on your blog.

Maju said...

You're welcome. I enjoy doing this: exposing the other side of the actuality, the one that is seldom if ever discussed at all. I used to collaborate when younger with alternative media and now I do it on my own here. No the same thing but I hope that it has some impact.

Thanks to you for reading. :)