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Monday, May 10, 2010

How the working class is taxed and the rich get away with their loot

Based on data from Ciudad Futura[es].

In the Kingdom of Spain:
  • Workers declare raw salaries averaging 18.400 euros (14 monthly pays of 1314 euros)
  • Company owners declare income averaging 13.525 euros (14 monthly pays of 966 euros)
Naive conclusion: capitalists are poor charitable souls who sacrifice for their workers and the economy, getting a Greek salary for that. They live in slums typically.

Reality: they declare as little as they can, earning many times what the Tax Office is told.

This is confirmed by the following data:
  • In Spain only 727 individuals have patrimonies over 10 million euros, according to the Tax Office
  • In Spain 5270 individuals have patrimonies over 10 million euros, according to Banif (Banco Santander)
It is hence estimated that the Spanish Tax Office fails to collect 90 billion euros every year, enough to multiply by 28 times the Education budget (anyhow just a way to pay tithes to the Catholic Church) or the Health and Social Policies budget.

Black money circulating in Spain beyond state reaches is estimated in 245 billion euros. The black market level in Spain seems to be 10 times higher to the Eurozone average.

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