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Sunday, May 23, 2010

General who ambushed Che brought to justice

Not for the murder, 41 years ago, of the most famous revolutionary leader ever but because he has been accused of involvement in the recent attempt of magnicide in Bolivia, being linked to the Hungaro-Croatan fascist terrorist Eduardo Rosza.

General Gary Prado is since today under home arrest awaiting trial. Again, I have been totally unable to find anything in the mainstream media. Being the sources of this news item the blog Guerrilleros, habanos y mojitos[pt] and the Bolivarian news site Aporrea[es].

In a related note, La Haine reports[es] that the Spanish (Fundación Iberoamericana EuropeaEuropean Iberoamerican Foundation) linked to the right wing Popular Party and originally led by former first lady Ana Botella, wife of José María Aznar, provided at least 250,000 € for the network lead by Rosza to murder Evo Morales and make a miliatry coup at Bolivia.

The same foundation was involved in the 2002 coup attempt against Hugo Chávez in Venezuela.

The coupist "charity" has in the last year received even greater founds by the Madrid Autonomous Community taxpayers, thanks to the hyper-fascist President of this Spanish region, Esperanza Aguirre, who donated them nothing less than 1.6 million euros, that, according to the most dubious Spanish newspaper El País would be to "strenghen the institutional capabilities and development of the less favored sectors of society" in Bolivia.

The links of this right wing "charity" to Latin American coupists, including strong ties with Guatemala's authoritarian regime, has been unveiled by German research journalist Ingo Niebel from Geheim Magazin.


Kepler said...

What I can say is the link to the misiones in Venezuela is absolute crap.
The misiones are crumbling away completely even if the regime of coup monger and military honcho Chavez has oil revenues that are still several times what they were in the nineties (due to much higher oil prices even now)
Most of the barrio adentro centres are gone now, the "médicos cubanos" probably know as much medicine as you do, they mostly distribute "pastillitas pa' todo", as several Venezuelan physicians who ARE working in slums tell me.

The literacy programme carried out by Chavez has been as succesful as Aznar's concern for the poor. I have written about this already with plenty of evidence: literacy was already at 93% in 98, most illiterate were over 60 years old, there was no real independent test (no Unesco, but self-assesment submitted to Unesco and uploaded by Venezuelan government to its Unesco subdomain - sold as "Unesco certified), the amount of children failing to go to school has increased (please check out the education label in my blog, including a post on children having classes under a mango tree, just like my dad did before other governments in the early forties built many thousands of schools).

Sorry, man, this is a farce. You better read the North Korea sources if you are going to believe that crap.
I don't know if Aznar wants to eat children alive, but I do know the misiones in Venezuela are an utter failure in view of the revenues.

It is like this: on the first couple of years, the regime could produce 20% more social programmes than the 2 previous governments because it had 100% more revenues, then it could produce 30% more social programmes because it had 700% more revenues, and now everything is collapsing even if it still has 500%> revenues.
The regime is like a cocaine addict. Most money goes to the Chavez clan, to the Diosdado clan, to a bunch of boliburgueses and old Ancient Regime families like the billionair Cisneros clan, who are collaborating with the regime - por ahora.

Maju said...


Kepler said...

If you go to your link of Geheim, you will see the organisation that Partido Popular, or rather, the government of Galicia, is supporting. And there you read how they are supposedly doing nothing good, as all things they pretend to do are done already by the "misiones".

By the way: although many Spanish immigrants to Venezuela were economic immigrants, a lot were political refugees from Franco's regime. Very few have any sympathy for Hugo.

I don't like PP, but I tell you: I suspect the Junta de Galicia is supporting those non-chavista groups because it had a connection to the many thousands of gallegos in Venezuela and they give a view about what is going on in Venezuela.

That is the quality of information that "Secret" (Geheim) site has...

Maju said...

This thread is about the arrest of the man who arrested (and effectively killed) Che. For another reason, but that's less important.

Let's see if they learn in Washington and start arresting those criminals before they muddle even more their extremely decadent "democracy".


As for what you say, it's very difficult to make any connection with what I said or what the sources say and what you say, sign that you are merely trying to insert your canned unoriginal repetitive reactionary discourse whenever Latin America is mentioned.

Galicia is a very dark oppressed society, you can even feel in the air when you travel there. I cannot unveil the secrets of how they made the Galician people so cowardly and right-oriented, but seems that through fear and exploitation. Anyhow they are a different nation that I don't really understand well their psyche. You know: we speak straight, they normally do not. Strange, very strange people. Nice but strange. They need a revolution more than anybody else in Europe because they need to empower the people and behead more than one cacique in order to liberate their minds.

Guillotine therapy, really. There's nothing better for self-respect.

Kepler said...
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Kepler said...

Cowardly are the ones who ask for a guillotine or support ETA. They usually have no cojones to do anything but behind people's back, preferably against innocent people.

You use the word "reactionary" and "fascist" like others use the word "or" or "the".

There is nothing more reactionary than Chavez in Venezuela, for instance, and actually in Spain the Franquistas and the Etarras are stuff of the same sort, only using different colours: they only accept their wee interpretation of the world and retort to violence...but as I said,preferably when there is absolutely no risk for them.

By the way: I hope the ETA guys who were detained now spend enough time in jail.

Maju said...

Or like others, knowing themselves supported by the much real Inquisition, that forbids real discussion on the issue on prison penalty, use the repetitive accusation "support ETA", as if that could be worse that supporting neo-Francoist Spain or the permanent occupation we are subject to on no grounds other than "my gun is bigger than yours", with all the implications it has for civil freedoms, including freedom of speech, effective democracy, habeas corpus, etc.

You just can't expect a people to be invaded and oppressed and not to react. You are basically saying that either you are a sheep ready for the slaughterhouse or you are a most wanted terrorist.

Well, we are no sheep much less we are going to walk to the slaughterhouse without a protest. You can take your inquisitorial manners and fascist propaganda junk and go discuss that with Juan Carlos the womanizer King Bourbon, adoptive son of Franco and murderer of his own brother (exactly like Franco, by the way).

"... love to wear Che Guevara T shirts mainly because he was a white "handsome" revolutionary".

He looks mestizo to me. Handsome sure. But what really built the myth of Che was his life. He's probably the last romantic hero, incarnating some of our most substantive myths, like Robin Hood, William Tell, Simón Bolívar, etc. It'd be interesting to discuss the details and validity of the mystification of Che's life and image (if you could step down from your spitting reactionary attitude and approach the matter with some neutrality) but certainly seems a better and more real reference than petty tyrants like Herakles, Moses, Caesar, Charlemagne or Napoleon, which are the idols of all right wingers.

Kepler said...

Take away the red colour.
What do we see?
Ché Guevara was a right winger.
Same shit. He was just indirectly liquidated by Fidel, who sent him away.

If that guy was mestizo, you are a zambo. In reality he was un hijito de papá de la clase much more Caucasian than the huge majority and who got bored. Did he sacrifice much? Not really. Some are in for the money, some for the fame. Fame he definitely wanted. The poor? Thank you, good landscape for a drama.

The only difference between guys like Guevara and Napoleon were that Guevara got killed
before he got wrinkles
or spent several months in detention whereas Napoleon went on for quite a while, made it even once out of Elba for a short comeback.

The main reason for Guevara to hit the ceiling fast was that he was not a Cuban. Fidel was the one to become Cuba's Napoleon. He has lived more than Napoleon because he got in the right time: first survive through USSR aid, then through Chavez's aid.

Once Chavez falls, dictatorship in Cuba will disappear. I am not sure what will happen to Bolivia. Although Evo is an idiot (story on homosexuals and chicken someone?) and just Hugo's puppet,

Bolivian society does have huge problems with ethnic divisions and ethnic discrimination and he may be the best right now to solve those issues.

On the other hand, I think no one should be head of state more than 8 years.

Kepler said...

Here you may have some interesting stuff from a commie (thus, not my mates) about both Hugo and Bolívar:

Maju said...

I would not say his is a very normal Basque-Irish look, really. If you look at this picture of his family, the mother and all the children have a peculiar look, not typically European (though who knows?). The father does look Euro. The noses are very revealing, I'd say.

It doesn't really matter because what matters is the person but still, he looks somewhat creole. You know, like Maradona or Cantinflas (he really has a Cantinflas look, less exaggeratedly mestizo but mestizo anyhow). Fidel instead looks 100% European, what is consisten with his recent Galician ancestry (he even claimed the right to have Spanish passport).

"The only difference between guys like Guevara and Napoleon were that Guevara got killed before he got wrinkles"

Maybe but that's what marks the chosen of the gods in some European traditions. Lord Byron also got similar honors in his time for the same reason: dying young in a romantic manner. But Byron was indeed a bourgeois, rather an eccentric aristocrat.

"Did he sacrifice much? Not really. Some are in for the money, some for the fame".

Hmm... I don't think he got embarked in what he did just "for the fame". Sounds far fetched, ridiculous. He could have been a writer or a scientist for that purpose. It's evident that he was driven by altruist motives, though probably also by a desire to live life intensely, which I consider legitimate.

You just can't understand such goals and cry foul.

alex said...

"Anyhow they are a different nation that I don't really understand well their psyche. You know: we speak straight, they normally do not. Strange, very strange people. Nice but strange "

azul maju
I remember a Catalan friend telling me almost the same thing about El Gallego es un desconfiado, of course, we were talking about Franco , Fraga and other politicians Andalusian who was sitting with us, nodded in agreement all the time !

I know one thing about the ETARRAS, that people today are having hard time remembering,they were the ONLY ONES with real balls during franco's dictatorchip .

Kepler said...

Again: you just want to put the mestizo label because it makes him more of a "mestizo rebelling against the wicked Europeans".
Everyone who disagrees is made "descendiente de los conquistadores".

In any case I see in Europe a zillion guys who have European great-grandparents and look like him.

Eurosocialists were claiming Hugo was the first ethnically average Venezuelan to get to power, which is utterly rubbish.
They will recognize all the Indian and African traces in one who claims to think as they expect

To be a writer or a scientist and become famous you need to have brains (and that is no guarantee). Become politico-revolucionario and you have your stardom if you don't get killed on the first round but manage to have some cool pictures of yourself. Had that guy wanted to do something useful, he should have done medicine all the time or gone the Chico Mendes way.

They may have had balls when Franco was alive but they must have lost them in an accident

Maju said...


"Again: you just want to put the mestizo label because it makes him more of a "mestizo rebelling against the wicked Europeans"".

Not at all. You were the one who said he was white and I just can't agree with that because he looks markedly mestizo.

As I said before, it's not the "race" but the person, the spirit, what matters.

And it's that way. That has nothing to do with genes as far as I know but with being human in the full sense, or a mere slave of the system. As most are not able/willing to make such a radical breakup with the system and risk all for a cause, we either admire or hate those who do, like Che.

"To be a writer or a scientist and become famous you need to have brains (and that is no guarantee)"...

Or the connections and prey instinct.

Che obviously had the brains anyhow.

Anyhow, becoming a worldwide famous revolutionary is not easy either, and generally gives less money and commodities.

You are just envious that you haven't got the 'cojones', as you say, and the dislike for money to do the same, so your life, unavoidably is gray and insipid.

If something Che teaches us is not how to make a successful revolution or whatever, but how to live life to its full and get the best of it by giving the best of you to the ephimerous fact of living.

It's not in the money, really. It's all about being yourself, being a real person instead of a tool of others' production.

If you have to die for that is surely worth it because none of us is immortal anyhow.

Maju said...

Alex, my family has since long kept connections to Galicia, even one of my (in-law) uncles is from there and in general they agree that the Galician psyche has been whipped into submission and distrust.

Still they are often nice people. Castilians instead all seem to have terrible emotional problems because of extremely authoritarian parents. This is something that Basque and Galician parents normally spare us.

So there are things we share with Galicians: at least not being Castilian. ;)