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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Greece: why are not the thieves behind bars?, their properties confiscated?

Day after day we read about the Greek crisis and its ramifications. We know by now that a good deal of the responsability behind this case was that of a corrupt government and companies.

But we know little more about that. Some anecdotal details but not a word about any of the culprits being brought to trial or his/her property expropriated to pay for some of the national debt they used for their own benefit.

This is the most outrageous element of all the process: some oligarchs have brought a whole nation to heavy indebtedness and they are not even charged?! Their names are almost not mentioned, their practices nearly not inspected, their wealth (obviously the product of such anti-patriotic larceny) not even considered.

What's wrong?

It's as simple as this: some people and companies scammed a whole nation, they must be held responsible for it and their assets must be returned to the nation so it can face this challenge form a better position.

Yes or yes?

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