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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Venezuela denounces again an upcoming aggression by the Washington-Bogotá axis

In fact if you read left-wing press, it has been almost a constant in the last months: first was the expansion of the military concessions in Colombia to the USA, including legal immunity and total access to Colombian bases, then was the rejection by Guyana of allowing a US military base in its territory, then the expansion of US military operations in Dutch and British colonial outposts in the area, notably Curaçao and Aruba, just offshore of Venezuela... and also some border tensions, evaluations of the overgrown Colombian narco-army, almost as large as that of Brazil, rumors of coup in Paraguay, effective coup in Honduras, followed by US recognition after farce elections.

Even if there is no incoming war, the situation is clearly very tense.

Now President Chávez has declared that Caracas really expect an invasion at any moment. In fact they expect an intelligence maneouvre to create a "false positive", killing some Colombian peasants, dressing them in military fatigues so the appear FARC members and moving them into Venezuelan territory in order to create a pretext for further escalation or even outright war by pretending to have destroyed a guerrilla base in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan government has also denounced the mediatic criminalization of the Bolivarian Republic, by means of repeated false accusations of sponsoring terrorism and drug trafficking, creating the propagandistic impression that Venezuela would be some sort of enemy of humankind, when in fact it's just a regular democratic republic with socialist tendencies (and that's what they really fear and want to destroy: Socialism).

Source: Prensa Latina (found via Rebelión).

As European I believe that is particularly important to denounce the complicity in particular of the Dutch government, which is behaving as a total lackey of the USA. And I would call for a boycott of Dutch products in case that Venezuela is ever attacked from the Dutch colonial remnants.

It is also important to emphasize that the only narco-state in the area is Colombia and that the main drug-trafficking cartel is the DEA. So if the USA would truly like to declare a war on drug trafficking, they would have to attack Colombia and their own police forces.


Kepler said...

Hombre, Maju, thanks very much for opening my eyes. I thought the real problems in Venezuela now were the huge murder rate, the massive kidnappings for money, the disgraceful quality of public schools, the continous blackouts (several hours a day in most of the West of the nation, everywhere several times a week), the huge inflation, the lack of housing (less social houses built than when the oil barrel was at $12), more corruption affairs...

So, the Dutch want to attack us...

Maju said...

It's not for you: Kepler. It's for the public of this blog, which is much wider.

So, the Dutch want to attack us...

Seems it's Colombia and the Gringos. The Dutch are just allowing these to use their colonial basis.

Don't be a cynic.

Maju said...

I can see how major criticisms to the system (to the single partyand personality cult tendencies) are being aired in such hyper-orthodox "Chavista" sites as

So, meh, I still have some faith in the Venezuelan revolution, even if there are many things that need fixing.

Kepler said...

Maju, you may be shocked to hear this but: Venezuela is not like the Basque country. Less than 29% of the population has access to Internet. I would say potentially 14.5% of chavistas can occassionally see that kind of things. Else, it is "gracias, mi comandante", "lo que pasa es que el comandante no sabe que los que lo rodean le mienten" and the like or mostly "que viva mi comandante!".

Try to be a wee bit critical of Hugo in a public PSUV venue, try to do it as those socialists did once in a congress...Hugo became furious.