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Friday, January 15, 2010

The new fascist bishop of Donostia, Haiti and the foot-in-mouth syndrome

I don't often comment on religious matters, even if they have a political and social twist. Unless it's something exaggerated, a truly serious matter like child abuse or other kind of exploitation "in the name of God", it's the problem of the respective sect members, not mine.

But this guy is so deeply fascist that is insulting even to me.

The appointment of Spaniard and J. I. Munilla as bishop of Donostia (San Sebastian) raised more than just eyebrows among Basque Catholics, every day less in number and less committed. After all it was the second appointment of a non-Basque as bishop in the last years and he is seen as in line with the extreme right that controls the Catholic Church, in Spain and elsewhere. Most Gipuzkoan priests signed a manifest against his nomination and people protested at the ceremony of his appointment, a few days ago, while the fascists arrived from Madrid for the occasion asked the police what were they waiting to charge against them.

The feeling I have is more or less like one of those occasional landings by reduced bands of Spanish fascists under heavy police escort. What the Spanish call "poner una pica en Flandes" ("set a pike in Flanders", an allusion to the Dutch War of Independence).

But, well, whatever: problem of the Christians. If they don't like Ratzinger and Rouco, they should break apart, I believe.

But it seems that the guy is going to be outrageous, not like his also Spaniard colleague, Blázquez, who, probably aware of being outside his native Salamanca (where the Devil lives according to Basque legend), tries to keep a low profile.

First time (or almost) that Munilla opens his mouth and is to say something as brutal and improper for a priest as there are greater evils than what Haitians are suffering these days.


What the heck! While I throw my hands to my head and look around trying to find confirmation that this is real life and not a nightmare, I try to imagine what kind of evil can be worse than such a total disaster, with thousands of corpses causing true roadblocks and people dying of thirst without any assistance whatsoever... and even the worst depictions of Hell look benevolent in comparison.

Alone worth an no-return ticket to Port-au-Prince for him in the hope that he might at least serve as food or his blood be used to quench the thirst of someone in dire need.

But this is not all: when he tries to excuse himself about that, he does by saying that the evil that those innocents are suffering does not have the last word because God promises eternal happiness.

Alright, Munilla, why don't you go and embrace that "eternal happiness" that God promises and quit being such a highly insulting jerk?

It seems that the only utility that you may have, apart of possible uses as food for pigs or something like that, is to cause such widespread outrage that the already waning influence of the Catholic Church in our little country finally collapses completely.

News source: Gara.

Update (Jan 16):

There is a Spanish saying that goes: "otro vendrá que bueno te hará" (someone else will come that will make you [look] good).

In the case of Munilla this one is US fascist politician and televangelist Pat Robertson. He is of course also a "Christian", one of those that would make Jesus himself renegate.

This "Christian" has shamelessly declared in the aftermath of the Hati earthquake that:

... they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, "We will serve you if you will get us free from the French." True story. And so, the devil said, "OK, it's a deal. [...] ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after the other.

Source: Al Jazeera blogs - Americas.

Why isn't the guillotine working extra hours these days?


Manju Edangam said...

I wonder whether the effect on Haitians would be like "Lisbon Earthquake" or "Indian Tsunami". But not sure how religious they are.

Maju said...

They are quite religious, being both Catholic and Voodooist.

At the moment I guess that the philosophical implications are not really important. What matters is that people may be dying as we speak.

Ken said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Maju said...

Ken I'm deleting your comment because I feel it is so deeply racist and offensive that it has no place here.

Please, avoid that kind of nazi nonsense in the future or look for some other place to drop that crap. Thanks.

Maju said...

Manju: I'm beginning to think it will have the effect of Lavalas, "Avalanche" in Haitian Creole.

People is already getting very angry at the lack of help (partly explainable at the destruction of infrastructures and the nearly non-existent state - but tell that to the desperate masses) and even Aristide, the legitimate and extremely popular socialist President that the US and France ousted in 2001, is saying he wants to return.

Ken said...

"a no-return ticket to Port-au-Prince for him in the hope that he might at least serve as food or his blood be used to quench the thirst of someone in dire need.
[...]the only utility that you may have, apart of possible uses as food for pigs"

In your post is the implication (unintentional but perhaps unconsciously held) that Haitians are cannibals. I'm pretty sure any Haitians who read this would think so.

Delete this post and reconsider using such bizarre and overblown rhetoric in future, it brings no credit on yourself or the Basque cause.

Maju said...

It was conscious (I thought several times about keeping or removing the sentence) but means that they are hungry and thirsty and that the bishop is useless for anything else.

However I agree that can be read in the way you do (and that's why I doubted including it). But really I'd eat some people myself of the kind of these "Christians" if in dire need. Why not? Not anyone, just evil people.

Maju said...

To understand why I did not shy off from using the cannibal metaphor, see Wikipedia: Eat the Rich (disambiguation). The concept of "class cannibalism" was popular in the late 80s and 90s and deciding not to use it in this case for fear of being misread as a racist statement (the black cannibal topic) would have been racist in itself, even if nobody would have noticed.

Maju said...

This is very different from your merciless abhorrent eugenic apologist statement, which I'm not willing to tolerate here.

Ken said...

There is nothing wrong with giving charity to the third world or disaster areas, I admire people who do. The Church does a lot of good work in the third world whatever you may think and to my mind that gives its Bishops the right to speak out about what they see as spiritual evils; a cultural earthquake that has fateful consequences.

The blasphemous allusion to communion in the post was deliberately offensive to Catholics who are, by and large, good and decent people.

Is it really necessary to call everyone with traditional views you disagree with a facist? That cuts both ways because when you emphasize someone is not a Basque and go on to say he is fit to be food for pigs it does sound like a subtle variety of racism.

Maju said...

The Catholic Church is a mega-corporation under the pretext of NGO (but not ruled like any normal NGO but with special rules of its own, which are extremely hierarchical).

It is a scam business, as was denounced in Italy not so long ago because its product (eternal happiness after death) is not likely to exist at all.

Catholics may be good people (in some cases at least - many catholics are clearly evil, specially those in power) but that is irrelevant.

Not sure what allusion to communion is in this post but I follow in this matter the secularist criteria of the former USSR: freedom of religion is granted and so is freedom of criticism of religion. Blasphemy is a very subjective matter and I consider anybody who claims exclusive privileged relationship with God blasphemous, I consider kneeling before icons blasphemous, I consider having supposed "holy" books blasphemous. Papacy is blasphemous, the Bible is blasphemous, the Quran is blasphemous... hope you get it.

... someone is not a Basque and go on to say he is fit to be food for pigs it does sound like a subtle variety of racism.

It has nothing to do with ethnicity, of course, it has to do with ethics. Such an immoral person as Munilla is in my eyes not of any use to Humankind but a harmful corpuscle - and I would not think otherwise if he was 100% Basque.