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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Santimamiñe: new data

Just a brief note while I gather more information.

Pileta en Blogger informs that the cave of Santimamiñe (Biscay, Basque Country) has seen further research, that have uncovered new Magdalenian harpoons and other materials. Interestingly it seems that mitochondrial DNA analysis of ancient dwellers are in course.

The entry includes a video from EiTB (Western Basque public TV) in Spanish language, that at the moment I have no idea how to embed here.

My paternal family comes from that area and a visit to the cave when I was a kid (now it's closed except for few guided visits) no doubt triggered my fascination for everything Paleolithic, so I am always interested in this site in particular, which includes one of the most extensive habitation sequences of Europe: from Chatelperronian to the Iron Age.

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