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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ample solidarity with persecuted Basque language newspaper

A diverse array of high-profile people from the areas of culture and politics gathered at the monastery of Arantzazu, symbol of the resistence of Basque culture and language under fascism, to support the persecuted editors of Egunkaria newspaper, gratuitously accused of being part of ETA, in the inquisitorial campaign that has marred Basque and Spanish political situation in the last decade.

Among the supporters were known artists like Fermin Muguruza, linguists like Txillardegi, iconic politicians like Xabier Arzalluz, two former lehendakariak, Carlos Garaikoetxea and J.A. Ardanza, as well as the presidents of the three western Basque provincial governments.

They expressed their solidarity with the accused in the Egunkaria case and specially with former secretary general of major labor union LAB, Rafa Díez, who is now in prison.

Tomorrow the trial against Egunkaria editors, promoted by fascist organizations after the government gave up, will continue at Madrid.

Source: Gara [sp - eu].

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