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Friday, January 29, 2010

Video-epitaph: Howard Zinn

US antimilitarist intellectual and activist
Howard Zinn died yesterday at the venerable age of 87. He helped to coin the, quite descriptive phrase "American Empire" and fought through his life against war and imperialism.

His main book is A People's of the United States, where the idealization of US history typically found in official history books is deconstructed and explained as it really is: the history of a growing and usually merciless empire of global dimensions.

The video above (found at Gara) synthesizes his life and thoughts through the illustrations of Mike Konopacki and the voice of actor Vigo Mortenssen.

Update: Howard Zinn's perception of the Holocaust and how it has been manipulated by the Zionists can be read here (including an anonymous reply by some Zionist).


Average Joe said...
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Maju said...

Was he religious or Zionist or otherwise "racist Jewish" or is this one those racist comments that I just don't want to see in this blog?

I think it's the case (the references to Lynn and other neonazis in your blog make me think that way) and never read anything of what you say ever before (actually I did not even know he was Jewish at all, just one of those many many Gringos with German surnames). Unless I get a satisfactory explanation in 48hrs. your comment will be deleted.

Maju said...

Time has elapsed, you provided no explanation and your comment looks to me as nazi as before. Hence: deleted.