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Friday, January 8, 2010

Evo calls for "alternative climate summit". Says Copenhagen "a success"

Bolivian President Evo Morales has made a call for a new global yet alternative conference on climate change. He publicly read the call for the "First Global Conference of the Peoples on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth".

On Copenhagen he declared: It's said it was a failure, but I would not say it was such a failure but rather a success of the World (...) because the developed capitalist countries could not impose their declaration.

The Bolivarian bloc of Latin American nations was the main opponent to Obama's forced last-minute empty declaration at Copenhagen, which was essentially construed on the bullying of wealthy nations (and China) on the rest.

The summit was marred by the extreme repression against the people who demonstrated in favor of a far-reaching comprehensive and balanced accord. It seems quite obvious as of now that a more democratic and horizontal decission making system is needed before the governments of the World are forced to bow to popular demands for a sustainable development and not this crappy model we have to put up with now.

Source: Rebelión.


Kepler said...

Maju, can you tell me what "Bolivarian" means?
I am Venezuelan and I am very interested in hearing for the first time what that really means.

Have you seen the socialist cars we have now? I wrote something about it, if I may say it.

Maju said...

It's a self-assigned term for the ALBA bloc.

I guess it can also mean from Bolibar, Biscay. :)