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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Netanyahu playing with fire

The Israeli PM is like asking EU: Bomb us with your ships and airplanes! As you are not doing that, you have no say in your own backyard.

The Zionist leader is trying to push back a suggestion by EU comissioners of freezing any upgrade of EU-Israeli already privileged relationships made in the wake of Israeli genocide in Gaza. He says that EU risks being excluded from further hypothetical negotiations on the Palestinian apartheid conflict.

And I say: EU, do you have what it takes? We have a much greater military power than Israel and certainly can totally exclude those Nazis from our markets and enforce a blockade against them.

I say: exclude Israel from all access to European markets and events until the apartheid is liquidated and democracy is restored in Palestine.

I say: intervene navally to breach the Zionist-Egyptian blockade against Gaza and make sure that humanitarian aid arrives and reconstruction can start. Send a fleet to Tel Aviv waters for the case those cocky Zionazis dare to open their big mouths again.

I say: send back the Zionist ambassadors and all other Zionist spies we can find. Expropiate Zionist property, not just that of Israelis but also that of any pro-Israeli undercover agency.

I say: arm Syria.

I say: make that arrogant bully shut up his big mouth. Who does he think he is? Damn clown!

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