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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Israel more akin to Nazi Germany than to Apartheid South Africa

There is an interesting meditation by Salim Nazzal at Sabbah Blog on the unique type of racism that the Zionist regime is founded upon.

He argues that White South Africans arrived there without a pre-defined racist project or any project whatsoever in fact: the racist ideology and regime only evolved trough time ad contextually. Meanwhile Zionists arrived to Palestine with a clear genocidal goal: supress all natives, either by murder or forced exile, and take their land.

He mentions as illustrative example the Israeli officer in the massacre of Kufr Qasim which took place in 1956 was not only proud of what he committed of murder but summarized the Zionist worldview: "In killing of any Arab here (in Palestine) we save the life of an Israeli, and by killing Arabs outside we save Israel!". Sentence that resembles way too much that one of Hitler about what mattered the death of one hundred Polish women digging a trench if those deaths could save a single German soldier.

A rather unique element of Zionist genocidal policies is what Nazzal describes as "kill and cry": that particularly annoying attitude of blaming their victims for the Zionist criminal acts. Maybe Torquemada acted the same way, blaming Jews and presumt witches of forcing him to torture and murder them.

Another very much unique and also disturbing element is trying to bring back history back to 2000 years ago, like if nothing have happened in between, both in Palestine and also among the international Jewry that feeds Israel with flesh and gold.

There are other differential elements but certainly it is very much worrying that it resembles so much, like so many abused people, to the ones who abused them. We may feel pity for their dramatic historical traumas (but they are not the only ones who have suffered nor certainly the main ones suffering in colonized Palestine) but that cannot ever serve as excuse to do the same unto others.

Never again! Destroy Nazi Israel!


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