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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our rulers' hypocrisy on racism

Found at Desert Peace. Drawing by Carlos Latuff (copyleft).

I can only imagine that the guard in the background is Canada, a country that has the most boot-licking attitude towards Israel and Zionazism.

As you probably know, Canada (first of all), the USA (second) and some European states are boycotting the Durban conference on racism because they do not seem to accept that the main case of outraging racism and apartheid in the world today is Israel.

They fill their mouths with the word "antisemitism" until the term has been dried up of any meaning. And, anyhow, aren't Arabs Semitic too?


terryt said...

And New Zealand boycotted it too, much to my disgust. I'm sure most people would actually agree with most of Ahmedinejad's comments anyway.

Maju said...

I don't like Ahmadinejad either: he is just another fascist but at least the Iranians are not particularly racist. Certainly the Iranian- Jewish community enjoys infinitely better conditions than Christians and Muslims have in Israel and the bantustans.

Whatever the case he is just a pretext to defend what is morally undefensible: Zionism. It's a shame.