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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu: farm pigs and corporate pigs?

Just a brief note on the ongoing mediatic inflation of swine flu "pandemic".

The most interesting rumor right now is that Ronald Rumsfled is the one behind it. Not just his company Gilead Sciences Inc. is the developer of Tamiflu and will therefore get huge profits from any flu-related panic, as does its actual producer Roche, but also some people are douncing that it is only the last lab-created biological agent, which is being experimented on Mexicans primarily. Again the diabolic Rumsfeld would be behind.

An alternative and more commonly accepted explanation is that the flu has been indeed derived from pigs at a farm at Veracruz that uses a huge ammount of local water resources and throws the residues near the drinking water sources. In such appaling conditions, that have been denounced to no avail by local activists, it is no wonder that pig viruses cross to humans.

Additionally to whichever actual origins the virus has, some authors are also considering the socio-political implications of the flu. Petras argues that it is being used already as a further reason to crack down on Mexican migration to the USA, while Werbowski ponders the social control experiment that the state of emergency declared in Mexico has.

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