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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Amazon censors homosexual romance

A lot of people seems to be infuriated by the nonsensical decission of Amazon (the online bookstore olygopoly) of "de-rating" (whatever that means) all titles with any reference to LGTB, what means (it seems) they won't appear in most searches.

As I do not really ever buy anything online (and seldom offline, except the basics of course), I have little idea of what all this means in detail but it seems clear that is another attept by the global fundamentalist conspiracy against human intelligence and common sense to censor what people can access through the net. In this case it seems particularly harmful as it directly attacks the civil rights of a minority (but also those of the majority, who wants to read freely).

But as I say, my understanding is limited, so I direct you to more knowledgeable sites:
· Dear Author
· Meta Writer

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