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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Somalian pirates claim defense of national waters

There's an interesting first-hand account from a Somalian pirate at the BBC today. Dahir Mohammed Hayeysi claims that foreign illegal industrial overfishing and toxic waste dumping are the main reasons behind Somali piracy. He also claims that foreign navies can't do nothing to stop it, that only a government who can protect their waters can.



Unknown said...

E1b1b1 (M35) Meditids are the sea faring race

Maju said...

Haplogroups are not "races". Off topic anyhow.

Unknown said...

Some people think religions makes them or other people some sort of race, Others think phenotype defines race & its proven over & over that two full brothers can end up in two diff races in both Phenotype or religion using the Non-Scientific definition of race!

Genetic Nationalists view race as the Y-DNA because its 100% accurate and it effectively destroys cultural-religious identities which is good for a change

Maju said...

Y-DNA is not 100% accurate: it only tells you about your father and his father, etc... it ignores most of the ancestors altogether. You have to be a very extremist Patriarchalist in order to give even a second thought to such idea.

Maju said...

Enough. Your discourse is not only racist but also sexist in a very unrealistic sense. You have no room here: move on.